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Creating The Perfect Work Environment For Property Investment with Susan Farquhar

Continued on our last episode of Property Investory with Susan Farquhar, she shares with us more on how she runs Calla Property and the origins of her research which has become the pride of her business. After losing all her properties during the GFC, Farquhar also has plenty of advice to share with listeners on property investment and for those building from the ground up.

Listen to this episode of Property Investory to find out how exactly Farquhar bounced back from the GFC, what makes her company so successful and her future goals and ambitions.

'They've listened to their friends and family, they've heard all the stuff on the media and they still don't know what to do. So they want a trusted adviser who can help them invest. And that's what we do. - Susan…

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This episode was produced by Richelle Lau with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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