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How to Buy Over 600 Properties with Kevin Young

This guest for Property Investory has a true rags to riches story. Kevin Young bought his first property at 21, but had to work three jobs just to purchase it. With hard work, and a lot of late nights, Young eventually built up his portfolio to over 200 properties, and retired at age 27 as a millionaire.

With an impressive 600 purchases throughout his 50 years in the market, Young has seen and tried every trick in the property investor handbook, and he’ll share them with you.
Today Young aims to create 90,000 millionaires out of average Australians through property, will you be one?

Well press play and find out!

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 01:10

    What does an average day look like for Kevin Young.

  • 06:40

    Where did Young grow up and his personal story. He shares his dad, their moving around and his schooling.

  • 9:09

    How did Young begin his property investment journey at young age.

  • 11:16

    Young’s mentors in his youth.

  • 25:38

    The worst property investment moment that Young has witnessed as leader of the Property Club.

  • 32:01

    Young’s several ah-ha moments over 50 years have all come from predicting the booms of Australia’s capital city property markets.

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This episode was produced by Tayla Bosley with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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8 thoughts on “How to Buy Over 600 Properties with Kevin Young

  1. We have a ‘riches to rags’ story. We lost everything due to the property down turn as a result of the global financial crisis. We lost everything, our properties, our house and our soul. We ended up destroyed and heart broken We never asked for anythng but longed and longed for our founder and hero to ‘care’ about us and to acknowledge that we are doing it tough. We know he knew. Club Cares?

      1. Yes Tyrone. We accumulated 7 properties all together. We retired in the July of 2008 and the FGC hit Australian shores in the September. Barry retired as a ‘Support Member’ but because of the property crash we never stood a chance of being successful. We ended up loosing everything to the banks. Properties went down and we had to sell everything up at massive below what we had paid for it. The banks wrung us out to dry …we also lost our family home. From one and a half million dollars in property we only salvaged $80,000. Our grandson is a builder and our son owned a bush block. Luckily for us our builder grandson was able to build us wooden 2 bedroomed house on the block our son owns. Can you imagine what you can build today for $80.000? We call it home, even though we still owe the money for the block. What we are sad about is Kevin does not acknowledge that his members…due to the FGC are in trouble, he doesn’t care…it hurts because we still love him dearly…Barry gave him everything. He always went the extra mile for him..He does not acknowledge that many of his members are hurting. We are poor. We cannot afford a holiday. How do you think we feel when he is spouting his 640 etc properties.

        Tyrone there are many many members who are suffering. Thanks for listening.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      We always touch base with our members. Your eight Club properties have all performed well and most doubled. We got you in on the ground floor with your properties. You, unfortunately, didn’t listen to our advice. You sold the lot to go into a business. We did not recommend selling, you went against our suggestions.

      You got into conflict with your customers and lost money and I supported your legal costs. You then once again, went against our advice and gave up your jobs and sold the balance of your Club properties for a home in Hobart.

      You then found it hard to get work, as we predicted might be the case. In hindsight, you should have kept all of your club properties and taken our advice.

      Regards, Kevin

    2. Property held long term with correct debt management should be a good outcome,

      and as the banks accepted to lend you their money using the security you offered

      should highlight they had every faith in you both and the security.

      The Club has thousands of happy property owners, they follow the basis concept,

      debt managed well is good debt and property held long term is a good investment.

      Your own situation was due to your own decisions and can’t be blamed on me or the


  2. We joined the Club because we were told we would be sold a good quality property. We bought what was recomended to us, a brand new apartment. However 5 years later we were told that the whole building has water damage and we will be out of pocket by $10,000 to fix our apartment and so will other landlords in the building. Apparantly insurance will not cover this damage.
    How is the Club looking after its investors? We feel diappointed as we thought that the Club selected the properties carefully. We were told only good quality constructions are made available.
    I have made several attempts to get Kevin to help us with this situation but so far we have been ignored.

    1. Hi Alex,

      I’m so sorry to hear your story as well. It appears there have been a number of members who were very disappointed with investing into these properties as well. Thank you for sharing as it helps our readers and listeners to make a better decision.

    2. Alex, I have not heard from you directly regarding this problem, but have been looking into this since you have reached out to me via Facebook. It is a matter for the Body Corporate and no I can’t predict five years in the future which horse is going to win a race let alone which property is going to spring a leak.

      I did, however, check the value on your property and it has increased $110,000.

      My team are confirming the market value with an area specialist who is aware of the leak issues in the building. I have been going back and forth with your Branch to assist with this unforeseen situation.

      Kevin Young

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