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This is the first ever episode for Property Investory where you will hear stories of Investment Property Experts. You are going to get a look at what to expect and maybe a kind of “playlist” on what’s going to be in the show.

Also you will see how the show is made so you can get some real insight on what’s involved to create these fantastic episodes.

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 00:40

    What to expect in this show and to not invite boring guests.

  • 03:01

    I’ll share with you about teaching everything and how this podcast is made.

  • 04:44

    Learn about property investors sharing their story from their worst moments to achieving success

  • 07:18

    Introduction to “two podcasts for the price of one”.

  • 08:48

    Where to download this podcast and how to get started.

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Transcript Excerpt:

Tyrone Shum:
This is the first ever episode for Property Investory, and thank you for listening. Rather than bore you with why this podcast is so awesome, I’m going to give you a peep of what to expect and maybe a kind of “playlist” on what’s going to be in the show. Also I’ll tell you how the show is made so you can get some real insight on what’s involved to create these fantastic episodes.

Let’s start off with playlist number one: Do not invite boring people to be on your show.

Jan Somers:
My name’s Jan and yeah. I’ve done an awful lot. Not only in property investing, but I’ve been a teacher, I’ve been a bar-maid, I’ve done just about everything in life.

Steve McKnight:
My claim to fame is that since May 1999 I’ve brought hundreds and hundreds of properties. I don’t keep account of how many but well be over 500. It might be as high as 800.

Jan Slack Smith:
I was the first girl to work in underground coal mines. Another girl and I turned up at the same day to different mines after they changed the laws back in 1989 to let women underground. And, everyone went on-strike and I was like, oh, okay.

Andrew Morello:
Hi, I’m Andrew Morello winner of the first Australian apprentice.  Head of business development at Yellow Brick Road and serial property entrepreneur.

Tyrone Shum:
The purpose of this podcast is to be interesting. We want you to be interested in listening, and I want to be interesting when talking, at least I’ll try.

The Property Investory podcast is for those of you out there that love property investment, and I mean love it because every single person we have on the show also loves property investing, it is their means of living, and more often than not, their meaning of life.

Michael Xia:
The family that lived there before were actually hoarders. So they had five, six cars in the back yard, there was a boat there, the house was in terrible condition.

Chris Gray:
If you want supersonic cars and boats and choppers and big houses and the rest of it, sure you can just go and buy them, but there’s a lot cleverer ways of doing it kind of like renting or syndicated ownership or buying second hand cars rather than brand new.

Rich Harvey:
I’m the president of the real estate buyer agent association R E B A A for short. I’ve been the president for the last two years. I also serve as the chairman on the buyers at the chamber of the real estate institute.

Tyrone Shum:
Playlist number two: Teach everything.

This podcast is not just for those of you with millions of dollars in a property portfolio, this podcast is for everyone with a passion for property investing. So my job is to make sure that every guest that comes onto this show reveals exactly, the who, what, when, and why their investment strategies work, so that knowledge is beamed straight from their mouth into your earbuds. And, for you to apply that awesome newfound knowledge to your own stellar property investments.

So how does that all work?

Well let me explain.

First I invite a super awesome guest to come onto the show:

Tyrone Shum:
I’m just following up with the interview time that we were trying to schedule in for next week. Anytime next Tuesday would be good

Peter Huang:
How about Wednesday, I can make it at 1:30pm on Wednesday.

Tyrone Shum:
Yeah, Wednesday at 1:30 looks good for me, I’m free so far on that day. Let’s do it next week at 1:30 next week on Wednesday.

Peter Huang:
Wednesday next week. Thank you

Tyrone Shum:
Then I interview them and ask questions like  who they are,

Cate Bakos:
My full name is Catherine Bakos, I go by Cate Bakos, My business is Cake Bakos property, I’m an advocate in Melbourne, my life style is Victorian and I love to chat all things property down here.

Tyrone Shum:
Where they’re from

Taku Ekanayake:
I was born in Japan, so I’m half-Japanese. Born in Japan, moved here when I was three. And then grew up in Sydney, in the lower north shore.

Tyrone Shum:
And most importantly what they do.

Kevin Young:
I’m dedicated to achieving my goals and I think most successful people have written goals and when I started The Property Club 23 years ago, my goal then was to create 90,000 millionaires.

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