Terry Lollback - Generate a Net Income of $70,000 From 15 Properties

Terry Lollback is the chair of PICA’s Queensland chapter and has worked in the government sector for 10 years, now serving in the disability sector. He is a gifted property investor with an impressive portfolio, having accumulated 15 properties in the past 8 years since he began his property journey. 

Join us in this episode of Property Investory to hear how Lollback replaced an income in his household, bringing in around $70,000 net income after all costs, how he juggles working in the disability sector, acting as chair of PICA and finds time to build on his own portfolio! 

When They Started


Properties In Portfolio


Portfolio Value

$3.5 Million

How Terry Lollback Purchased Seven Properties in Under a Year

We're back with the talented investor and chair of PICA’s Queensland chapter, Terry Lollback. After unintentionally beginning his property investing journey eight years ago, he has now accumulated a massive $3.5 million in his growing portfolio and has some exciting plans for the future. 

In this episode of Property Investory we will learn about Lollback’s role at PICA and how he successfully lobbied against the government on behalf of property investors, how COVID has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for investing and the advice that you should not listen to and much more! 

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Terry Lollback is easy to find via his Facebook, the PICA website, or PICA’s Facebook. The $5 membership fee goes back into the community to support the important work they do every day.
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It becomes quite addictive, in that you get one property then you get another one and you keep multiplying and in terms of investing, this COVID time has been quite good for us.
- Terry Lollback

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