Steve McKnight - Property Investing: How You Can Go From 0 to 130 Properties

Successful property investor and bestselling author of From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years, Steve McKnight has seen it all. With 500+ properties in his portfolio, the ex-accountant will uncover the cockroach horror stories, the presidential residents, the severe health issues that led to a lifestyle change and how he learnt that money is a tool, not a weapon. 

From McKnight wealth of knowledge you will learn how to overcome any obstacle you come across in your journey - from a big career change to the exorcism (or intense renovation) of a property - and how if you want something, you need to make it happen yourself!

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Name it, Number it and Numb it

Your Big Chunk of Money: Steve McKnight Explains How You Can Numb Down Your Risk

Bestselling author and property investing extraordinaire Steve McKnight will uncover the nuts and bolts of his name it, number it and numb it strategy to minimise your risk when investing in property. From the man who’s seen it all, discover how you can implement his methods and get a big chunk of money in your bank account now! 

McKnight rejoins us and explains the steps you can take to remove the risk from any investment through a three-pronged strategy that will provide you with a lavish lifestyle and the potential to own hundreds of properties, just as he has done. 

Press play to find out how you can do it all, right now! 

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Want to Contact Steve McKnight? was co-founded by McKnight in 2001, with a view of assisting other investors with independent yet practical and profitable information about how to use real estate to create wealth. "I can remember when there were 16 people getting the newsletter", McKnight recalls. Today there are over 90,000 members. McKnight remains a director and continues to write content and speak at events run by the company.
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I think the due diligence that you can do before going into a property transaction really sets you up for success
- Steve McKnight

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