Salena Kulkarni - Sophisticated Investor With Alternative Strategies

Salena Kulkarni is an Amazon bestselling author, a chartered accountant, sophisticated investor, property strategist, and founder of Freedom Warrior. This program helps business owners create consistent income and assists in achieving them their financial freedom. She has been a keen property investor for over 20 years and is passionate about helping others reach— and exceed— their financial goals. 

Join us in this episode of Property Investory as we discuss Kulkarni’s Five Year Freedom Formula. Many investors find themselves time-poor and therefore think they need to dedicate time and energy they don’t have into their wealth creation— but not anymore! She’ll delve into the one thing that makes all the difference between getting an epic or a mediocre result, and how her program helps investors to focus on the bigger picture. If you’ve ever gotten caught up in FOMO, or felt you weren’t as in control of your investment journey as you would like, this is the episode— and the formula— for you. 

When They Started

Late 1990s

Coaching Program

Freedom Warrior

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Alternative Strategies

Learn How to Reach Financial Freedom in 3 Easy Steps With Salena Kulkarni

We’re back with best-selling author and property advisor, Salena Kulkarni. After her wisdom of alternative investment strategies became a must have, Salena focused most of her energy helping other individuals in their wealth creation journeys, whilst also growing and maturing her own property portfolio. 

In this episode of Property Investory we will learn how she managed to replace her income with aggressive and non-traditional investment tactics, seeing returns of 18–24%. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear some of her most valued tips and tricks, which are sure to make you successful! 

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Over the past 20 years, Founder of Freedom Warrior, Salena Kulkarni, has built her own multi-million-dollar, cash-flow-positive property portfolio and helped dozens of other investors do the same. 

Unlike other advisors who merely give theoretical advice, Salena walks-her-talk with her own money in the market (just like you). 

And while most wealth advice in Australia is coloured by commissions, Freedom Warrior’s simple fee-for-service model ensures you get the best advice and rapid, tangible results. 
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I think people often struggle to understand how taking on a particular group of investments now, what that will actually mean in five years' time. And I say this, and I very much want to come from a place of humility. I say this because I made all the big mistakes.
- Salena Kulkarni

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