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The Housewife Millionaire: Buying a Property Investment in Australia

Updated 30/12/2019

We’re chatting with Jan Somers, a woman and mother at the helm of a multimillion dollar empire and author of a series of award-winning books on property. Like renovating a house from the ground up, Somers will share her story and show you how you can manage your money by thinking big, but starting small!

The founder of Somersoft will discuss how she fell into property investing after a long career of teaching high school students, how she manages a plethora of projects at once and how she juggles all of this while dabbling in renovation and spending time with her family.

When They Started


Properties in Portfolio


Main Strategy

Buy and hold

Why Jan Somers Has No Need For A Deposit: How To Buy A $500,000 Property in Australia for $50 A Week

Founder of Somersoft Jan Somers will disclose her investment strategy for buying a property in Australia with no need for a deposit and how the Somersoft software can help you purchase a property - even by simply putting aside $50 a week!

Somers will discuss how to rethink your debt by using loans or appreciating assets to catapult your portfolio’s success and eliminating bad debt, like credit cards and flashy car loans that will suck your wealth dry. Also, find out why you should be keeping with fixed interest rates and using equity to leapfrog your way to wealth.

property investment in australia

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Somersoft is a publishing company that specialises in helping residential property investors. Formed originally in 1989 by Ian and Jan Somers as Somerset Financial Services Pty Ltd, its role has been one of research, analysis and education.
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property investment in australiaproperty investment in australia
property investment in australia
"Borrowing money to buy frivolous things might show you off as the wealthiest person right now, but you're not. Underneath you're not."


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