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Updated 16/10/2019

Michael Knights is a successful real estate expert and owner of Horizon Property Alliance. He has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years and his business mentors people who want to become small time property developers and helps them create higher returns and increase their current income. 

Come join us as we discuss at what age Knights bought his first house, where his passion for the real estate industry come from, why he wanted to start investing in property, he tells us the story of how he worked himself too hard and burnt out but how he overcome that and kept moving forward and much, much more on this episode of Property Investory!

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How To Develop A House And Get NDIS Funding Scheme With Michael Knights

Michael Knights has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years and has run his business for more than 10 years. Yet there are still opportunities that are brand new to him like the National Disability Insurance Scheme projects. These are houses built to accommodate people with disabilities and provide them with homes that they can be cared for in an easier fashion.

Join us as we discuss the NDIS project with Michael Knights and he explains in detail how they work and why they are what is motivating him at the moment, we learn about how Knights learnt the workings of the business and the advice he would give to first time property developers and much, much more on this episode of Property Investory!

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Horizon Property Alliance specialises in high yielding, positive cashflow developments Like Small Duplex / Dual Key Projects, Splitter Blocks and Specialised Disability Accommodation.
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"You have to get that passion back otherwise you’re just going to float through business for a while, not really knowing which direction you're going to end up in."


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