Margaret Lomas - Property Guru Reveals What Spruikers Don’t Want You To Know

Chatting to Margaret Lomas - author of eight bestselling property investing books and mentor to thousands of people around Australia - we’ll discover how she protects her clients from spruikers, how her education in training and development set her on the path to property investing and how radio advertising turned into a lucrative business prospect. 

Learn more about how Lomas became one of Australia’s leading property experts and her journey to success - just click play!

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20 Questions: Pick Properties For Growth With Margaret Lomas

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One of Australia’s leading property experts, Margaret Lomas, chats to us about how you can find the best properties using her 20 Must Ask Questions and how property advising company Destiny’s convenient online services can set you on the right path in your property investing journey! 

Find out how to balance risk with security; about cool new technological developments in the property sphere; how to get good cash flow for the best growth possible; and how a good work ethic ensures that you’ll never get sick.

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​​Destiny is a pioneer in the Property Investment Industry and has been in business for more than 25 years. We provide you with the education, support and tools you'll need to become a successful property investor. In addition to being one of Australia's most recognised and respected Property Experts, Margaret is the best-selling author of 9 Property Investment books, including titles such as 'How to Achieve Property Success', 'Investing In The Right Property Now!' and '20 Must Ask Questions® for Every Property Investor'. 
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Everybody should want to buy a property that delivers the best cash flow for the best growth that they can get.
- Margaret Lomas

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