Leanne Pilkington - How Temp Jobs Led Her to Be The CEO of Laing and Simmons

Leanne Pilkington wears many hats— she is the CEO of the franchise organisation Laing and Simmons, current president of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales, sits on board of the Real Estate Institute of Australia, and the co-founder of a networking group called Real Women in Real Estate. 

Join us on this episode of Property Investory where we learn about Pilkington’s childhood growing up in the north of Sydney, how her parents inspired her to pursue a career in real estate, her various roles that led her to where she is today, and so much more! 

When They Started


Started at Laing and Simmons



If She Can, I Can Too

From Selling Herself Short to Selling Out Events With Leanne Pilkington

We're back with Leanne Pilkington, managing director of Laing and Simmons. After trying her hand at several professional roles, from consulting to shopping centre management, she began her real estate career at Laing and Simmons in 1995. 

In this episode of Property Investory we will learn about the financial struggles she faced early on, and how that led her to realise what’s really important in life. We hear about her innermost thoughts when it comes to her career, how it pays to listen to the quieter members of the group, and how if she can do it, you can too. 

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Leanne Pilkington is one of the real estate industry’s most respected and sought after commentators. After all, she’s been in the industry for nearly three decades. Leanne is Chief Executive Officer and Director of leading New South Wales boutique real estate group Laing+Simmons. 

She is one of only a handful of women leading franchise organisations across the country. Addressing the gender imbalance, empowering women agents and contributing to a fairer operating environment are all key passions for Leanne. 

She continues to pioneer industry firsts such as establishing a women’s real estate networking group, and introducing counselling and employee assistance programs for Laing+Simmons team members, while serving on industry bodies and championing the growth of professionalism in the industry at large. 
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It's wonderful to learn. But there's lots of people that just get out there and hustle, right? And I don't necessarily have to have that formal degree these days. So it's interesting.
- Leanne Pilkington

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