Kevin Young  - How to Buy Over 600 Properties in Australia Real Estate Market

A true rags to riches story, Kevin Young - of the renowned Property Club - worked three jobs to buy his first property at 21. With hard work and many late nights, he eventually built his portfolio to over 200 properties and retired at age 27 as a millionaire. Find out how you can do the same and discover the power of analysing market trends for bananas, sheep and properties alike! 

With over 600 purchases during his 50 years in the market, Young has seen and tried every trick in the property investor handbook. Aiming to create 90,000 millionaires out of average Australians using property as a vehicle, he openly divulges his expansive knowledge of the market and what you can learn from his journey as a successful investor.

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Buy and Hold

Don’t Sell! How You Can Become A Property Millionaire With Kevin Young

From Kevin Young - Australia’s most successful property investor and founder of the Property Club (housing over 5,000 millionaires). We will hear about how to apply his strategy for success in the world of property investing and how his new book Broke at 20, Retired at 27 will change the way people think about purchasing property. 

We will also find out more about his strategy and how you can implement it for your own benefit using insightful tips from the millionaire himself and uncover why Young thinks buying newer properties is more sustainable practice in the long term.

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Property Club Founded in 1994 by Kevin and Kathy Young to help Australians on average incomes and above to fund their retirement through property investing. 

Starting from humble beginnings with a small gathering of friends Property Club rapidly expanded to accommodate local meetings in different areas, and by 1998 Property Club was operating in all Australian states. The growth of the organisation soon necessitated a head office and branches throughout Australia to support investors across the country. 
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Hard work and consistency will always beat natural, hands down.
- Kevin Young

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