Jill McIntyre - Do You Need a Personal Development Coach For Property?

Talking with life, business and property coach Jill McIntyre, we’ll delve into the behind the scene stories of her success to find out how she helps people for a living, how her early childhood both propelled and held her back in certain aspects of life, and the devastating loss her and her children faced later on in life. 

We’ll also find out more about how a winding career as a business woman and then later a business owner led her to take a move to Sydney that eventually opened the doors to a career in property. So join us in this episode of Property Investory as we find out about both the hardships and inspiring resilience Jill McIntyre has faced and bounced back from and how she ended up building an amazing property portfolio.   

When They Started


Properties In Portfolio

10+ (estimate)

Main Strategy

Development,  Sub-division,  Joint Ventures

Growing Million Dollar Properties with Jill McIntyre

Continuing our conversation with guest Jill McIntyre, we’ll be delving into the nitty gritty details of one of her current property projects and how she was able to turn that accidental find into a million dollar property project. 

We’ll also be going into the valuable lessons McIntyre has learnt from this property alone, the importance of networking and building a good team, and why assessing her plans for the property at every stage is important. Following this McIntyre will explain why it’s important to have multiple exit strategies, the influential individuals she likes to follow, and the personal habits that keep her grounded and successful throughout life. So join us in this episode as we get to learn more about Jill McIntyre and her property journey and much more along the way! 

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Thinking multiplied by your actions gets you the results you’re getting today.
- Jill McIntyre

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Jill McIntyre is a qualified Beyond Success Life Coach. Her passion is about supporting other people and giving them the tools to turn their lives around. Thus, bringing about a whole new outlook and approach to their day to day lives.
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I'm very much of the belief that if you turn up, the opportunity will turn up.
- Jill McIntyre

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