Jan Somers - Housewife Millionaire Buys Residential Property In Spare Time

Jan Somers is a mogul in the residential property investing community of Australia and is the author of a number of best selling property books. Beginning her career in teaching, Somers and her husband soon realised the incredible potential of property investing and this saw Somers transition to not only teaching fellow investors but growing their own portfolio which has seen them in the property game for over 40 years! 

Join us as we discuss her rise to the top, struggling to juggle family life with building a multimillion dollar empire, how in the 80s she had enough properties in Queensland to buy four in Sydney’s expensive market and how she initially stumbled into property!

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How You Can Buy A $500,000 Property For $50 A Week With Jan Somers

We’re back with one of the biggest names in Australian property investing, Jan Somers. When she became a stay at home mum, or as she is more commonly referred to, ‘the housewife millionaire’, Somers was able to refine her strategy and hone her craft. 

In this episode of Property Investory we will learn about the problems that Somers’ has faced along her journey and the solutions she hopes everyone will put into practice today. We’ll hear about how in the 80s Somers’ was buying up to four or five properties a year on a principal and interest loan, why the woman at the helm of a multimillion dollar empire is driving a 12 year old beamer and what this says about her ability to remain at the top of her game and much, much more!

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Somersoft is a publishing company that specialises in helping residential property investors. Formed originally in 1989 by Ian and Jan Somers as Somerset Financial Services Pty Ltd, its role has been one of research, analysis and education. While many organisations use our material to assist their clients with investment in property, our company is completely independent and does not sell property, finance or even personal advice. Instead, through the publication of books and computer software, we provide investors with all the objective, well-researched information and tools they need to be self-sufficient in their investment decisions.
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Borrowing money to buy frivolous things might show you off as the wealthiest person right now, but you're not. Underneath you're not.
- Jan Somers

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