Ian Ugarte - Where Is Affordable Housing in Australia?

Chatting with Ian Ugarte - part owner of Small Is The New Big, consultant and real estate adviser - we’ll follow his journey as he began work as a plumber after high school, his path leading him into teaching before taking on property investing full time.

His success attributed to a life-altering seminar on positive cash flow investing, you’ll discover how this marathon-running Master of the Universe (MOTU) grew up in a loving family (albeit with a chauvinistic mindset) whose support has propelled him to achieve his goals. 

Hit play and learn how the difference between a good and bad investment property and be inspired to save for your own first deposit!

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Affordable Housing

The Secret Of Doubling Your Cash Flow: How To Get Into The Market With Only $8,000, With Ian Ugarte

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Consultant and real estate adviser Ian Ugarte will unpack his strategy to develop his own extensive portfolio, explain how Small Is The New Big’s program HI-RES can double your property income and how you can get into the market with only $8,000! 

Also discover how he found his ‘why’ for property investing, how doing his due diligence feasibility on the back of a serviette lead to a subdivision that will be forever thought of as his property HECS fee; and why you should never be afraid of trying out a new strategy. 

Just click play and jump in!

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Small is the New Big have an important mission, to provide the one million homes short in Australia in the next 10 years to help Struggling Australians to pay their bills instead of soaring rents – with the support of forward-thinking investors. 
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I thought that money was going to make me happy. And what I didn't realise was that it doesn't make you happy; that happiness comes from a point of within yourself.
- Ian Ugarte

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