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Dymphna Boholt is quite an amazing woman. Founder of the “I love realestate” community, she runs real estate education courses for up-coming investors. She also owns a few of her own real estate businesses that she manages on the side. 

However she wasn't always on top of the world as she is now. Join us as we follow Dymphna on her life journey as she describes the highest and lowest points in her life that shaped her into who she is today. She explains how she went from being a single mum who lost everything in a messy divorce, to completely replacing her 60 hour work week income with a passive real estate salary instead.   

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Property  Portfolio

$3.5 + Million

Main Strategy

Positive Gearing

From Broke Single Mum Who Turned Her Last $40,000 Into Millions

In this episode we welcome Dymphna Boholt back onto the podcast to share some insight into her mindset, investor strategy and personal habits. She tells us exactly how she managed to buy her first three properties with no money, and recalls the mindset that pushed her to her first million. 

She also discusses how she got into coaching, and the daily 15 minute habit that changed her life, and will change yours to! We cover everything from her books, to her business and the team of people behind her that help make all her endeavours possible. She also shares a very valuable tip on how you can properly use strategy to create a passive income through real estate in order to replace your 40-hour work week salary.  
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I certainly believe to really get ahead in real estate, it's not just about buying anything, it's very much about doing manufactured growth and manufactured income strategies.
- Dymphna Boholt

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Dymphna Boholt built her multi-million dollar property portfolio starting virtually from scratch. Newly divorced and pregnant with her second child, she had little other than a burning desire to be financially free. Dymphna now controls a multi-million dollar international property portfolio and enjoys a lifestyle that most other people just dream about.
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I feel that grounding was very good for me because it taught me a lot at a lot of different levels, and to be able to relate to people a lot of different levels.
- Dymphna Boholt

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