Chris Gray - Upgrade Your Lifestyle, Live Like A Millionaire. How To Retire By 31

Accountant and property millionaire Chris Gray speaks with us about how he retired by 31 and upgraded his lifestyle. Originally a London courier, his life changed the day he came to Australia on a backpacking holiday in his teens, where the Australian lifestyle filled with sun, sand, and surf inspired him to go from teen to mega-successful entrepreneur. 

In this episode you’ll learn about Gray’s inventive first steps into property, how he built his work into a $15 million portfolio, and how he broke the mould and started playing life by his own rules. It’s an episode you don't want to miss.  

When They Started


Properties In Portfolio


Main Strategy

Buy and Hold

From 100 pounds to purple Lambourginis

In this episode we continue our conversation with Sky News Host and Buyers Agent Chris Gray. We learn about the Entrepreneurs Organisation, which has taught Gray an immeasurable amount and helped him learn from the best. We also hear how his ‘no rules’ approach changed his mindset for the better, and why you can get through anything if your ‘why’ is strong enough. 

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Chris Gray is one of Australia's leading independent investment property experts, giving home buyers and investors simple yet powerful strategies to create wealth and lifestyle options through property.
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So my skill base is very much, I look at normal problems, I translate it into basic numbers, and the basic numbers tell me a different story to what the emotional choice that our parents and our grandparents and society tell us what to do.
- Chris Gray

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