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Gavin McPherson’s Secret: Why You Should Never Give Up Your Primary Source of Income

Gavin McPherson reveals all of the tricks of the buyer’s agent trade as CEO of Oasis Properties. For over 20 year McPherson has put every moment of his life to his property investment journey, and over 40 properties proves the success of his effort.

But at 42-years-old McPherson is realizing the rewards he’s ignored, and the good times he’s let slip by, because of his obsession with property investment success.

In this podcast you can listen to McPherson’s story, and learn from the decisions he regrets.

So take a break, and hear how you can improve your life with rest.

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 02:33

    Gavin McPherson’s one hectic work schedule.

  • 11:49

    Where did McPherson grow up and his personal story. He shares his biking, his being an triathlete and moving.

  • 18:17

    How McPherson began his property investment journey.

  • 23:24

    How McPherson’s parents influenced  him to strive so hard in sport, and in his property investing.

  • 30:01

    Gavin McPherson shares a very important lesson and looking back in hindsight he wants us not to make the same mistake.

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This episode was produced by Tayla Bosley with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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