Yard Home Loans Review: The Game-Changer in the Lending Space

If you’re like me, and you like to do things with efficiency and with no delay, you’d probably prefer to opt for the more convenient way of applying for a loan than whatever you’ve been used to doing (but, of course, with the same level of security and efficiency), right?

Or, maybe that’s just me... Well, whether that’s the case for you or not, I recently found out that there is a more convenient way!

But let’s back up a bit. (I can see those wheels turning in your head.) Don’t knock the idea off the shelf just yet. First, let me share my story.

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It All Started With An Email

In March, I received an invitation to try the services of Yard, an Australian online lending company that specialises in residential mortgage space. They’ve been around for about 3 years now. They highlighted that their company offers:

varying types of loans, competitively low rates, convenience (since you can apply for their loans completely online) a simplified 4 step process

—and that sounded preeetty good to me.

Still, I didn’t jump on the invitation just yet. 

Of course, I had my hesitations. (Who wouldn’t?)

As someone who values security andstability when applying for any type of loan—which we can expect from, let’s say, the BIG 4 BANKS in Australia—, I was uncertain about trying out a relatively young player in the lending business. Everyday Joes like me would naturally gravitate towards 30– to 40-year-old banks that have established themselves of being ‘safe’ and ‘dependable’. (Because again, who wouldn’t?)

That’s understandable. But I thought, It wouldn’t hurt to check out the company first. So, I did my due diligence.

Okay, so before I tell you the WHOA-MOMENT I had as I checked out all the ‘ whatzits’ of the company, let me just mention why I even was thinking of getting a loan.

Amid this Harrowing Pandemic

It’s true: It was because of the onset of COVID-19 that actually led me to the path of happily discovering Yard. 

When I heard the news of COVID-19 affecting the country’s health and economy, I knew that there’d be cheaper properties out there. And I thought that it would be a strategic time to look into purchasing more property to add my portfolio. 

So, I decided to take the next steps and get an investment loan.

I then looked for potential mortgage brokers to help me out.

First, I called up my current mortgage broker. I’ve worked with him before because he got my last loan. So, he did some paperwork ...but that was it. He didn’t really give me a workable strategy and plan for what I had in mind. Plus the valuations came in way under what I expected!

Sadly, my collaboration with my run-of-the-mill mortgage broker didn’t work out. 

So, I moved to plan B. 

I contacted my good friend and successful mortgage broker Michael Xia. Just like the usual broker I mentioned, I’ve worked with him in the past. He assisted me by providing a whole lot more information (which was super helpful!) on how I should go about my investment loan. 

Michael really put together a great strategy and a plan on how to achieve it. But because of certain factors in my financial situation, I couldn’t push through with getting a loan with the bank he recommended.

Michael Xia

So, I decided it was time for plan C. (Yep, I wasn’t giving up!)

Fortunately, Erik Reurts, a highly recommended mortgage broker, reached out to me via Facebook. He was very thorough. He gave me good customer support and feedback. And he really did a great job. However, the lender he provided had a too-high interest rate (like 24%). So, I couldn’t continue on acquiring an investment loan with him.

...You’d think I would give up after spending about 6-8 hours on paperwork, right? I’d get it if you do. 

But as fate would have it, I got that email from Yard offering me to try the company’s services. 

‘Perfect timing!’, I thought to myself.

And so it was. ‘How so?’, you ask.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. ...But for now, let’s just pause a minute there. 

First, let’s get back to the AMAZING discovery I had while doing my due diligence...

I was reading up a storm about the Australian online lending company—and lo and behold, I found out that the co-founder of Yard is Nathan Gooley!

It’s Truly a Small World After All!

When I first heard his name, something clicked. And I thought, Oh, I do remember Nathan… 

Although he was two years younger than me, Nathan went to the same school as I did years ago. And we were in the same house—Holwood House! (Students at the school were divided into sixteen houses, named after significant facets of the school's history)

Plus, I knew Nathan through athletics (like middle- to long-distance running) and other stuff we did within the school because I was House Captain of Holwood.

Talk about living in a small world!

Well, after we realised we knew each other from high school, it didn’t take long for us to call each other.

So, after 20 years, we reunited—which seemed a bizarre yet very nice surprise! 

Funny enough, Nathan mentioned that he knew me straight away from high school because of my ‘unique first name’ and because of the time we spent together engaged in the same athletics team at school. (Yep, we did long-distance running together!)

During our call, Nathan and I had a good time catching up about all sorts of things—family, business and our property journey (particularly about applying for loans).

To reiterate what the kids say these days, ‘Adulting, right?’

Well, anyways, during our conversation, I found out that Nathan and I share the same pain and the same frustrating issues in applying for a loan. (Nathan actually worked for one of the BIG 4 BANKS, so he was well more than aware of these unamusing toe-tapping and, sometimes, blood-boiling issues.) 

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‘How so?’ Now, let’s go back to HOW trying out Yard was an A+ move...

Compared to the total of 6-8 hours of just filling out tonnes of paperwork (which resulted in nothing) and going through three different approaches for getting an investment loan, the amount of time it took for me from strategy to discussions and to paperwork with Yard was just about 2–3 hours!

And it took me just 10 MINUTES to complete the application form (online!) for an investment loan!

Thus, after three dealings with different approaches, I finally found the easiest and most convenient way of applying for a loan in my fourth attempt. *Two thumbs up*

I mean, THAT IS AWESOME, right?

A Faster, Easier and More Convenient Alternative

Like I mentioned, with Yard, Nathan wanted to remove the complications and frustrations and simplify the process of securing a loan.

Indeed, Yard is in a very unique position since they:

have access to a lot of great fundingquick access to capital—which traditional banks usually do not havehave a proven track record of assisting in lending help to peopleconvenience (since you can apply for their loans completely online) 

And true enough, the company has helped me save SO MUCH time and money from potentially going through another long channel or approach to applying for a loan.

It’s no doubt that Yard is on its way to continue providing its efficient service to more and more people in the years to come.

Talk about a happy ending for me ...and their future customers!

To make the long story short, once I signed up and became a client of Yard, filling out and submitting the form was done in just four simple steps. I simply put in my income expenses, loan details (what type of loan I was looking for), employment, and declarations. 

(Convenient and easy, right? It was!)

Again, like I just mentioned, it took me just 10 MINUTES to complete!

I mean, compared to filling out a usual factfinder, which is usually a five-page pdf form that any mortgage broker would send me AND— it takes me almost about an hour and a half to put in all the information—using Yard is a breeze.

Okay, so to put into perspective what everything I just shared with you...

Yard Home Loans: ‘The Next Apple of Finance’

When Nathan and his co-founder, Toni Mladenova, started Yard, it’s surely been making its way to becoming what I call: ‘The Next Apple of Finance’ 

Yes, that’s my verdict: Just like how Apple made life easier for music lovers, Yard can make (or, dare I say it, is now making) it super easy and convenient for investors like you and me!

Yard is so simple and user-friendly, giving you the outcome you want so much faster!

Well, I’m sure you might still have some hesitations. I understand that. But trust me, I’ve tried Yard, and it’s been the most straightforward application process I have ever experienced.

And that’s the story of how I found an easy and convenient way to apply for loans. 

Now, I have this question for you: Do you want to apply for a loan anytime soon...

But Still Don’t Want to Leave Home Because of COVID-19?

Don’t worry. Perhaps, it’s time to take a leap of faith and apply for a loan using Yard’s services?

With Yard, you can:

Apply comfortably online in your jammies any time of the daySkip the infuriatingly long lines in banksKeep your blood pressure normal by forgoing complicated processesSit tight and wait relaxed at home

And my favourite of all, you can remain at ease while Yard does all the grunt work for you.

Still don’t believe me?

Just click the link and try it for yourself.

Applying for a loan with Yard might just make your day today.

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Oh, by the way! On another note...

Talking about all-things finance and Yard, I recently interviewed Yard co-founders, Nathan Gooley and Toni Mladenova.

If you want to know more about Nathan Gooley and how he’s making waves with Yard and even in building his property portfolio, check out this awesome interview I did with him: What to Know About Finance Services and Property with Nathan Gooley

Plus, check out the episode of my interview with Nathan’s co-founder, Toni Mladenova, here: How Money Lender from Bulgaria Started Her Business in Australia

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