5 Big Advantages of Taking Jason John Byron’s Property Developer Success Course

Benjamin Franklin once said this:
‘If a man empties his purse into
his head, no man can take it away
from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.’
...And I believe what he says is so true!
If you’re a property developer or a property investor, you must have the discipline and determination to educate yourself and learn what you need to achieve your property goals.
And that’s what this post is all about.
I’m here to share with you one of the best investments I’ve ever made as a property developer—and that’s joining Jason John Byron’s Property Developer Success Course.

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Why Should I Believe You, Tyrone?

For starters, I’ve gone through the course myself. And let me tell you:
It’s a fantastic course.
I wouldn’t ever want to recommend something that I haven’t checked out myself.
In fact, I’m such a firm believer in this program that I’ve written about the stages of this course
in more detail in another article.
You can check it out here:
Like I mentioned in that article, since applying what I’ve learned from the course to one of my
commercial property developments, I’ve been able to find reliable and excellent tradesmen
to complete my project.

Plus, not only am I able to produce quality property development projects for potential clients with the right people on my team, but I’m also able to do it with a sustainable budget!

Also, I personally know Jason John Byron and his partner Amy Teng—both of whom are
the brains and trainers behind the Property Developer Success Course.
In the last time I’ve spoken to them, they’ve already successfully developed about $50 million worth of projects in the past 10 years.
In a nutshell, Jason is truly a credible source of the ultimate know-hows for
property development.

And so, what I want to share with you here in this review is my honest opinion about this course and what you’ll potentially gain when you yourself take the worthwhile plunge of joining it.
But first, watch this video...
Now, if you’ve watched the video, without further ado, allow me to lay everything out on paper.

Want To invest In Your Property Education?

Join Jason John Byron’s Property Developer Success Course and get the FULL BLUEPRINT to COMPLETE a full property development project!

In A Glimpse: Inside The Property Developer Success Course

Like I mentioned in the video, there’s a lot you can gain from signing up for the course.

Once you’ve joined the program, you’re going to get access to the property developer
course immediately on the membership site.

It’s extremely well laid out.

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It covers all aspects of property development from start to finish—just -a full detailed blueprint of each necessary stage you’ll need to take.

It’s actually like the Bible of Property Development. Everything you need to know about developing properties is in there!
Here’s the quick outline:
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Target Area
Stage 3:
Acquiring Site
Stage 4:
Site Due Diligence
Stage 5:
Stage 6:
Development Application
Stage 7:
Stage 8:
Marketing and Selling
Stage 9:
Building Approvals
Stage 10:
Stage 11:
Stage 12:
Creative Strategies
Stage 13:
Joint Ventures
The first 12 stages are the most crucial while the 13th stage is an additional one—to give you more of an idea of how joint ventures can work to your advantage.

One thing you should know about the Property Developer Success Course is that it keeps improving over time.

Although Jason’s pretty much unpacked what he’s learned and experienced in the past two decades in the course, Jason is still always looking for ways to develop what’s already established in this program.
And that’s why it’s such a great resource.
And what goes hand-in-hand with this readily available resource is their dedicated three-day bootcamp where they’ll give you an in-depth insider look into each one of these stages.
In truth, the bootcamp is extremely informative that I attended it twice already!
But I’ll tell you more about that in a while.

Jason John Byron and Amy Teng: The Power Couple Behind the Property Developer Success Course

Meet Jason and Amy.
Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, this couple has done projects (and are still doing developments) worth multi-million dollars.

Jason used to be a full-time cameraman in the media industry for 20 years before he shifted
gears and became a developer and investor in 2008.

From starting with a deposit of only $14,000 on a house in 2008 to reaping a massive multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio eight years later, Jason and Amy have ever since been paving their way towards property journey success.
5 Big Advantages of Taking the Property Developer Success Course
If you’ve watched the video, you’ll know that I’ve laid out the pros and cons of the course.
Now, to give you the bigger picture, I’ve framed the main points I shared in the video with the
top advantages you’ll get when you do decide to go join this course.

...And, not to worry, aside from the pros, I’ll also point out the potential cons I mentioned in the video in this article later on. (I’m here to give you my honest opinion, after all.)

So, here are the top 5 advantages you can expect once you've actually jumped in.

Advantage #1:
You’ll get a detailed step-by-step system to start and finish a property development project!
Jason John Byron is giving you the blueprint—organised and easy to navigate—and all you’ve got to do is adapt it for your own use.
A Quick Look at the Pros:
The course is very well laid out with a full, detailed blueprint that enumerates 12 steps to complete a full property development project.
Every single part of it has been carefully thought out.
It covers all aspects of property development from start to finish for building houses, duplexes, townhouses and units. (Once you learn all the fundamentals, you can apply the same concepts in your different projects.)
And if you’re just starting in your property journey, you can follow this system step by step without having to reinvent the wheel. Just take the course and apply the process, and you’re up and running!
Yes, you can readily adopt it to your projects and start developing and making money with property.
All you have to do is understand how the principles work. Because once you understand them, you can pretty much apply them in any situation.
(And that’s why going to the bootcamp is critical. It’s where you can ask questions and understand how each principle or concept relates to you and your particular situation in your property journey.
But wait! This course is not necessarily just for beginners or those who are in the starting line of their property development journey.
In this course, I’ve met a lot of people who are already down in the trenches doing the work. Some have multiple development projects done while others are deep in their knees, working on their second or third project.
I’ve learned so much not only from Jason and Amy themselves but also from the other members of the course who have been into the ‘property game’ longer than me.
So, overall, this course is for anyone who’s in their property journey starting or in the process of continuing their property development projects!
Advantage #2:
You can hop on a monthly webinar in real-time to ask your questions!

Each month, there’s a live webinar where you can ask John or Amy your specific questions as well as interact with people. 

These webinars also feature some specific interviews from professionals like:

town planners
builders and architects
software experts (on RP Data, for instance)
...all of whom can give their expert insight and advice that will definitely help you in your own property journey. And if you miss a webinar, you won’t need to worry because all of them are recorded. You can just go back to watch (and re-watch!) them at your own convenience. Furthermore, this benefit from the course is a massive plus for us, especially in this tumultuous time of COVID-19.
Advantage #3:
You’ll get to connect with trustworthy and excellent like-minded people!

And I’m not just talking about conversing with experienced people who are already down in the trenches developing their own properties. (But, yes, that’s a big advantage in itself right there.)

I’m primarily talking about having connections and developing relationships with exceptional property professionals—builders, architects, and so much more—who you can even potentially work with in the future.

Remember that the key thing to succeed in property development is to find key property professionals to join your team—people with expertise that screams ‘excellence’ across the board and, of course, people who are trustworthy and reliable to get the work done.

Property development is a team sport, after all.

From my experience, I’ve met so many people who are excellent and exceptional workers—those who’ll get the job done and even go beyond what’s expected of them. 

And, on the other side of the pond, there are those run-of-the-mill workers who’ll do the bare minimum for the sake of just ‘getting it over with’.

And this Property Developer Success Course is where you can learn how to successfully find those exceptional professionals with what is called a ‘Proven Track Record’ or PTR and avoid wasting time with mediocre professionals.

In fact, you’ll discover that 20% of all the types of professionals out there do a bulk of the work—that is, 80% of the work. That’s who you want to definitely work with—exceptional professionals!

And that’s whom Jason teaches you to find in the course.

Advantage #4:
You’ll get your hands on exclusive templates, checklists and discounts!

If you’re a systems-based type of person like me, then you’ll totally appreciate that each stage comes with free templates and checklists useful for property development. You don’t need to make your own. You can use these to tick off the necessary to-dos when you go to each stage of your development projects.

All you need to do is download them and use them as-is. And that is a huge time saver!

And to risk sounding like an infomercial: That’s not all. 

By joining the Property Developer Success Course, you’ll also get an exclusive (yes, members only!) special discount for RP Data—which I think in itself already pays the investment of joining the course off!

If you don’t know already, you can use RP Data to:

  • do some background research on the property deal you’re looking at
  • check out the details about the property you’re looking to purchase for your development
  • get comparable sales
  • generate valuation reports
  • get land data

...and so on!

If you join this program and get the RP Data discount, you’ll find that it’s really just well worth it.

(In fact, every single one of the real estate agents I’ve known uses RP Data.)

Furthermore, the Property Developer Success Course offers other discounts and partnerships—from conveniences, tiles, builders and so forth. 

It’s a treasure trove of exclusive discounts!

Advantage #5:
You gain access to live bootcamps and their active Facebook Community

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are live bootcamps you can attend where you’ll not only learn the in-depth knowledge of effective property development but also network and meet other like-minded investors.

That in itself is a big advantage, indeed!

(Plus, in the live bootcamps, you can ask your questions about specific principles or processes and understand how they relate to your particular situation.)

Remember that property development is a team sport. And to form your Dream Team as you aim for your property goals, you’ll need to have the best of the best in your corner—hardworking, excellent professionals who’ll deliver accordingly!

And building your Dream Team starts with building relationships with like-minded people.

And, yes, Jason’s Property Developer Success Course is home to one of the best property developer and investor communities out there.

In fact, the opportunity to converse and build relationships with like-minded people doesn't stop in the bootcamp. That opportunity is extended in the very active Facebook community online.

You can easily ask or post your queries in real-time for the community to see. Plus, you’ll get to interact with Jason or Amy along with the other members of the course anytime, anywhere online!

In truth, we won’t be in our A-game all the time. To keep going and keep ourselves motivated in our property journey, we’ll need each other in the community for support.

So, that’s another fantastic bonus a member of this course gets.

And that’s an awesome advantage to have—don’t you think so?

Want to navigate Property Development like a pro?

Join Jason John Byron’s
Property Developer Success Course
gain FIRST-HAND INFORMATION from professionals like town planners, architects, builders and many more!

This Course Is Not
For You If…

Now, although the Property Success Developer Course is filled to brim with benefits for its members, I must say that there are some limitations that you might need to consider before you say ‘yes’ to joining the course.

If you only want to watch the videos and review the manual provided and not attend the bootcamps or webinars, then the Property Developer Success course can be quite overwhelming for you.

Since the resources cover a lot of content—with over 40 hours of videos and a manual with over 230 pages, plus checklists and templates—, you are going to find yourself swimming in a sea of data. And if you just pore over them by yourself, you will most probably not get started on the act of developing property no matter how motivated you are.

That is why, if you want to join this wonderful course, I highly recommend you to attend the bootcamps before delving into the available content online.

Now, if you’re looking into getting your hands on the ins and outs of land subdivision, then this course may not be ‘the one’ for you. Even though the course goes into all the aspects of property development from start to finish for building houses, duplexes, townhouses, and units, the program doesn’t cover much information on land subdivisions.

So, if land subdivisions is the only path you plan to take, this course may not come as handy.

Finally, if you are someone who strongly prefers hand-holding—that is, you want a dedicated coach by your side every step—in your property journey, then this course may fall below your expectations.

As I mentioned earlier, for members of the Property Developer Success Course to get support, they will need to connect with other developers or John or Amy through the very active Facebook community.

Or, you’ll need to specifically reach out to Jason or Amy via email or Facebook messenger. Thus, a ‘hand-holding coach’ who’ll be with you step by step in your property journey is not included in the program.

However, if you do need a coach (and there’s nothing wrong about that!) to help you step by step and work with you on your developments, then you will need to upgrade to the next level mastermind program, which is about 10 times the price of this course.

That next-level program is perfect for those who need more hands-on guidance for the Return On Investment (ROI).

‘Is Joining the Property Developer Success Course Really Worth It?’

Perhaps, you’re now thinking, ‘This course sounds amazing!’

Well, it actually is.

Personally, as I have discovered ever since I became a member of the course, Jason John Byron’s Property Developer Success Course is a tremendous in-depth program teaching you about property development.

And it’s definitely worth the investment in my honest opinion.

Yes, you will need to put in a lot of hours and a lot of work to learn this skill of being an adept property developer as the course is not for the faint-hearted.

Nevertheless, the rewards versus the effort and time you put in are substantially higher!

As long as you are willing to have a long-term perspective, as any successful development would typically ake anywhere between 18–24 months to complete from start to finish, you’ll reap the benefits and all the advantages this excellent course has to offer.

And I encourage you to keep hold of your own commitment, discipline and grit along the way.

So, why don’t you think about it?

Weigh the pros and cons against your own situation and your property goals. And when you’re ready, join me and other property developers like yourself in Jason John Byron’s Property Developer Success Course.

P.S. If you want to know more details about the 12 stages of the course,

check out this article I wrote:
Property Development: Want To Be the Next Harry Triguboff In 2020?