Advanced Property Strategies Review

Why Nhan Nguyen's Mentoring Program Beats Others...
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Why Nhan Nguyen’s Advanced Property Strategies Mentoring Program Beats
Others (A Review)

Are you looking to start investing in properties or delving into
property development?

Or, perhaps…. Have you been ready to go through your property journey for quite some time now but have been at a loss on what steps you need to take?

Are you hesitating to start because you feel like you aren’t financially capable yet?

Are you afraid of making a mistake and losing tonnes of money on your first investment?

Well, friend. I understand where you are coming from.

I’ve been where you are—even believing in the age-old misconception that we need a BIG capital
or heaps of money to start investing or developing properties!

YES, THAT’S RIGHT! You don’t need a lot of money to start on
your property journey.

...And I’m going to tell you why in a minute.

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‘So, what should I do now?’

Well, THAT is a very good question. And to answer it, let me tell you about my experience in educating myself and learning from others who have achieved what I wanted that positively made an impact on my own property journey.

In short, I’m going to share with you a review of Nhan Nguyen’s Advanced Property Strategies Mentoring Program—a program that I myself joined. I’m going to share my opinion or feedback
on the pros and cons of the course.
Plus, I'll show you a little bit of the back end or how it looks like
inside the program itself!
Curious? Watch this video—
Yes, I’m a graduate student of this program. I know the course’s creator, Nhan Nguyen, an expert property developer and investor in Australia. And I actually give his course a high recommendation.

But, of course, you need to see that for yourself.

Like what you’ve seen in the video, I’ve expounded on the benefits of having a coach like Jill McIntyre and joining the boot camps offered in the course.

I’ve also objectively laid out more details on the cons and explained how, regardless of the cons, I’ve built up amazing and great relationships with like-minded people in my own property journey.

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So, without further ado, let’s look further into the details of Nhan Nguyen’s Advanced Property Strategies Mentoring Program—which I believe is a game-changer in the property development space!

The Perks Inside Advanced Property Strategies Mentoring Course

So, what I really like about this program is that there is a lot of great content that's been provided!

And Nhan Nguyen, the genius behind this course, being a very, very successful property developer himself, has actually laid out the strategy behind what he does. And he shares that with the participants inside the course!

Essentially, and in a nutshell, the program has just five steps you’ll need to go through as you jump in. (It’s simple and easy to digest!)
STEP 1: Set and commit to your goals
STEP 2: Book your coach
STEP 3: Study the material
STEP 4: Attend the conferences (i.e. boot camps exclusive to participants)
STEP 5: Register for the complimentary eight-week monthly webinars
Particularly, the webinars are very powerful because you can actually get to ask questions directly to Nhan within these webinars.

In the boot camps, you get to sit with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you, which can encourage you to be fully involved in the course. Another bonus is you can ask questions and network and learn from them as well.

Indeed, the program is truly beneficial to newbies and experienced investors in developing or investing property.

That’s because once you start getting involved in doing property development—and there's a lot of deals that do come across the table—you've got to decide which ones are going to be right for you and your circumstances and what you can do at this point in time.

And this program can definitely help you make important decisions like that.

Here are the other perks of Nhan Nguyen’s Advanced Property Strategies Mentoring Program:

You can book your mentor as easy as a snap. You simply select a time that suits you and your coach will confirm the availability!
They give a special discount for their members to access Pricefinder, which is a really valuable tool that lists property data that isn’t easily found online such as past sales history, rental prices, zoning and much more. It will be very, very valuable in helping you determine if a deal stacks up when doing your due diligence and research on particular properties you’re looking into.
You’ll learn about no-money-down strategies, which is basically property options. In other words, if you want to actually purchase property without having to put any money down, Nhan goes into that in detail in the program.
You can also connect yourself with people on the active Facebook group. You can find out information on what's going on with other members, share your questions, ask or put your issues out there, and people will be able to help you. It’s great to get involved in that community.
With its overall features of access to Nhan Nguyen and other like-minded people, the program is valuable for anyone who’s feeling at a loss in his or her property journey, which was where I was before I joined the community.

Frustrated? Disappointed? Clueless?

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Advanced Property Strategies Mentoring Program
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Nhan Nguyen: The Genius Behind the Course

In the Advanced Property Strategies course, there's quite a lot of data specifically on land subdivisions and units and townhouses, which I know from personally working with Nhan that he's a specialist of.

And I find being privy to Nhan’s expertise extremely powerful. I’ve learnt a great deal from him.

Furthermore, Nhan highly values having a strong mindset. So, he's got some really, really strong money, money rules—which I highly recommend for those in their own property journeys to follow because it helps them determine how to approach a project.
That is something that I really admire about Nhan.
One of the significantly effective strategies he shares in the program—which he talks very strongly about—is getting into a deal fast, extracting the profits and moving it. Basically, he uses the term or the phrase ‘money in, money out’.

For example, rather than actually getting into a deal that might take, say 24 months, why not do two deals that might take over a span of 12 months instead? That way there's minimal risk compared to actually waiting for 24 months because things can change in this current economy.

In fact, if you look at our economy—especially with the reality of the pandemic—things have changed in the last three to four months in ways that were totally unexpected.
To sum it up, I wouldn’t recommend this program if I wasn’t sure of Nhan’s credibility and integrity as a property developer and investor. Because I’ve been privileged to work with him (aside from being friends with him), I can definitely say with confidence that he’s the real deal…
...and that his program has lots of real case studies!
And I only needed to pay a one-off fee to access the whole course. (Awesome, right?)

In A Glimpse: Pros and Cons of the Program

Here’s what you can expect once you've actually jumped in and become a student or member of the course.
I highly recommend that if you do take the plunge and to invest in this course, immerse yourself and get involved as much as you can because the returns are well worth it.
(Trust me. I’m still experiencing the benefits myself today!)

If you’re going to join the program, I’m sure you won’t regret it.
There is a live boot camp where you can connect with like-minded people!
The materials provided inside the course are very comprehensive and a great catalogue of step-by-step processes and checklists that are easy to follow!
Nhan gives exclusive access to extra resources or bonuses—insights and know-hows—recordings of seminars that he's done, which show you in person real deals of his students, or how to be able to quit your job and go into property development full-time!
His offerings include a one-day property development-intensive session and insights on asset protection and no-money-down deals.
You’ll get to join the Facebook page community exclusive to members of the course, where, again, you can interact with like-minded people.
The course’s main focus and what Nhan teaches is mostly subdivisions, property options and joint ventures. However, the course doesn't go into much detail about the construction process or renovations—you’ll get the general overview of those topics. (If you're looking for specific details on the how-to behind the scenes of a construction process, this course may not be for you.)
The Facebook community page or group, yes, is just a trove of information. But the issue with that is that it's just a feed of information; it’s difficult to sift through. So, in my opinion, one thing lacking is probably a forum, which could be easily divided into particular topics that people want to talk or ask questions about—even specifically relating back to the content of the course as well.
Another issue that I think has been a bit difficult at times is finding the specific content within the member's area. Although Nhan listed out, for example, all the recordings, etc., there’s no table of contents or modules on how to actually go through every one of the videos or training materials. It would be good to also see a search function within the course.
Generally, that’s what I’ve observed as a member of the course.

(Yes, I am a graduate of the course—and I’m now considered a lifetime member, which means I have lifetime access to the course material and resources!)
And although I’ve also seen other property development courses, in my personal opinion, Nhan Nguyen’s Advanced Property Strategies Mentoring Program has been one of the most beneficial ones for me!

...most especially, because I had ACCESS TO A COACH (yes, by the name of the amazing best-selling author and successful property investor, Jill McIntyre, who has helped me:
continually develop the right mindset,
remove any misconceptions about needing to have lots of money or a big capital before going into property development, and
overcome mental blocks in my own property journey!
It’s also worth mentioning that I do STILL have access to Jill and have ongoing coaching sessions with her.

(But that is a separate cost. When the program ended, I had needed to pay for her services—which was alright by me.)

Now that you’ve read this post (and watched the comprehensive review video I showed you earlier), what do you think?

Let me tell you—if you want to get rid of the fear of ‘not knowing how or what to do next’ in your property journey, this mentoring program will definitely help you.

Decide for Yourself if this Course is For You!

Personally, it's been one amazing program.

I guess you can kind of see, I am an advocate of this course. I really, really enjoy what I've learnt. I've really been supported greatly throughout all this.

As a member of this program, I've been part of the community. Not only do I have accountability with like-minded people and receive guidance from my coach, I have also been able to access things I’ve not been able to in my everyday life that’s outside property development.

Yes, I’ve used (and even still now use) all the resources and the tools as well as access all the materials from the course!

Indeed, it's been worthwhile to learn all the information from the program and to be able to take it and implement it in my own journey. In fact, I’ve already done a few deals by applying the information I’ve learned from the course!
Overall, Nhan Nguyen’s Advanced Property Strategies Mentoring Program is a good course—timely and beneficial, to be more precise.

So, are you ready to take the plunge and dive into a trove of practical training in property development?
Then join Advanced Property Strategies Mentoring Program and start the adventure.
I just want to be upfront and let you know that if you do choose to become a member of Nhan Nguyen’s advanced strategies program, I will receive an affiliate commission for recommending this course. Enjoy your adventure with Nhan Nguyen and his amazing course!