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Tax Depreciation Schedule: What Is It With Bradley Beer

Bradley Beer, CEO of BMT Tax Depreciation, started as a second year uni student as the first employee of the nationwide company. His long and successful career has been intertwined with the expansion of his property portfolio throughout NSW and Victoria, eventually becoming a partner in BMT.

Discover how Beer turned a cockroach-infested shed for $170,000 into a liveable space currently worth $600,000, how he leapfrogged into his next property from there and why controlling your risk through finance is vital to attaining wealth through property investing.

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 01:13

    Beer has been involved with BMT Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors since its early stages, joining the company as a quantity surveyor 19 years ago.

  • 02:57

    From humble beginnings, Beer was born in a country town to a family of four children.

  • 08:09

    Beer’s property investment journey.

  • 13:11

    How he implemented his equity in the expansion of his property portfolio.

  • 19:28

    Although Beer has had many successes in his investing career, he’s approached the tougher, and slightly silver-lined moments as learning opportunities and gained some valuable knowledge.

  • 22:01

    Luckily, his overall experience has been successful, and Beer has had been able to overcome investing doubts to expand his portfolio.

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This episode was produced by Alex Cooper with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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