Suvidh Arora - Cinch Owner Creates $7M From Courage and Determination

As founder and Chief Solutions Officer of Cinch, previously known as Exceller8 Financial, Suvidh Arora is a man of many talents. After having lived in India, London, and Hong Kong, he’s picked up an MBA, created a family, and despite doctors insisting it was impossible, taught himself to walk again. All of this on top of moving to Australia and spontaneously buying a block of land significantly under asking price— without even knowing what he was doing! Arora really goes all out to prove he gave himself the title of Chief Solutions Officer for a reason. 

In today’s episode, Arora shares the triumphs and tragedies that have shaped him into the man he is today. A familial loss in his childhood led him to realise the fragility of life, where today he places family above all else. This ties in with his property journey, as each property is purchased with a specific family member in mind. His dedication to both family and business has paid off well, with Cinch now employing 11 brokers across Victoria, NSW, Queensland and the ACT, plus offshore staff in the Philippines. He shares how he started with no clue what he was doing, but by sticking to a well-thought out plan, he and his family have secured their financial futures. 

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How Suvidh Arora Accelerated Business Volume by 120% in 2 Years

The aim of Cinch is to help people to achieve their dreams in a, well, cinch. After years of hard work gaining an MBA in strategy, finance and mergers, along with acquisitions from Cranfield University, Suvidh Arora applies his passion for numbers, managing finances, and helping people to do just that. Whether it's home loans, investment loans, asset finance, or anything else to do with lending, Arora is dedicated to helping Australians find the right financing solutions. By paying closer attention to their financial objectives and providing them with consistent service and innovative solutions, he not only provides education but also assurance and comfort in what can be a stressful time. 

After starting his company in 2019, business volumes have skyrocketed by 120% year-over-year for the past two financial years. In this episode he explains more about his business including how it works, who he helps, and how. In addition, he shares his wise advice on procrastination and planning ahead, and reveals exactly the legacy he one day plans to leave for future generations of his family. 

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Because I didn't have anyone telling me what needs to be done, I try to be that person for a lot of other people.
- Suvidh Arora

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Suvidh Arora loves a chat, and is more than happy to pass on his personal phone number! You can reach him on 0458 872 992, or visit Cinch’s website where you can fill out your information and get in touch.
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I still remember walking up to an ATM, drawing $500 cash, going to the agent's office, giving the $500 cash and saying, “Okay, we want to put an offer for $280,000”. And walking away.
-Suvidh Arora

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