Michael Xia - Money Management Tips To Go From Zero To 16+ Properties

This guest on Property Investory defines himself as a ‘conservative’ property investor, despite his impressive 16 property portfolio. Michael Xia, founder of Mortgage Channel; a property investor advice and support company, has slowly built his way to success through careful calculation and long-form strategies. 

At 31-years-old Xia already possessed 16 properties worth over $4 million. In this podcast he will discuss with host Tyrone Shum how he achieved his financial freedom. And you’ll also learn how you can follow his slow-and-steady strategy. 

Xia will also explain how property investment strategies will evolve as equity limits or buying capacity grow and shrink over your property investment journey. 

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From Zero To 16 Properties: Two Resources To Help You Succeed with Michael Xia

On this episode of Property Investory Michael Xia continues explaining his no-nonsense approach to property investing that almost entirely limits his risk. Through focussing on the best deal, rather than the best location for his property investments, Xia makes sure that there is always a cost safety next for his deals. 

Xia also advises the balance of your two most important resources as a property investor; your servicing - how much the bank will lend you, and your equity; how much savings you can use towards your next investment. Discover what you limits are, and how you can safely overcome them in the podcast below! 

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As you do more due diligence and as you put more processes in place you're basically just putting in safe mechanisms.
- Michael Xia

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Mortgage Channel was created by Michael Xia to help other property investors achieve financial freedom. After accumulating a portfolio of 14 properties worth over $4 million by the age of 31, Michael was able to quit his corporate job and pursue his interest of helping other investors achieve financial freedom through property investing. As a property investor, you want a mortgage broker who understands how property investing works and someone who invests in properties themselves.
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Purely as an investor, speculate less. Try and control much of it now. To do that, ask more present tense questions as opposed to what you can tell in the future, because by definition no one knows.
- Michael Xia

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