Kimberly Linder - How Selling Sandwiches At 14 Led Her to a 42 Portfolio Investment

Kimberly Linder is a mortgage broker and real estate agent who has always had a passion for property. Together with her husband Jason, she now owns two businesses and just under 50 properties. Kimberly began by doing all the research for them and simply writing the finance, educating them along the way. From here she developed a niche business where they now operate as a one-stop-shop for their clients’ property needs, including financing, sourcing builders, project management, and property management. 

Kimberly has raised five children, which is her proudest achievement in life. Her professional success has helped the eldest of her children begin their own property journeys, and some even work in the family business, drawing all of her passions together. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about Kimberly’s childhood in the lower Blue Mountains, and her first entrepreneurial experience purchasing and expanding a $500 business on a local golf course. From here she dabbled in modelling and teaching before drawing on inspiration from her father— and a coffee date with a friend— and entering the property world. After buying her first property in Penrith for $121,000, she reveals the strategy that has allowed her a return of just under $1 million a year in income. 

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Kimberly Linder Turned $121,000 into $1 Million Per Year, And You Can Too

In this episode, Kimberly discusses how rates are not the be-all and end-all they can appear to be, the strategies she uses to purchase and pay off properties, and gives some insight into how her children are following in her footsteps. We’ll hear about a client who purchased 10 properties in 3 years on a school teacher’s salary, how she turned around her first property which was costing her $8,000 a year, and what she hears 80% of the time when she meets young peoples’ parents when discussing property.

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I think our properties return us just under a million dollars a year in income. So if we went to an interest only strategy, 100%. But the strategy that we're on at the moment, obviously the phase in our life, we're p&i on everything because we don't have any owner occupied debt.
- Kimberly Linder

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Kimberly first and foremost is a property investor holding a vast portfolio of properties nationally. She is considered a strong mentor and role model in the property space. She is a hunter of property and is considered a valuable buyers’ advocate. Trusted and sought after to find the right property for her vast database, she not only holds a Certificate in Real Estate but has an Australian Credit License and owns her own finance company, XCEL Finance.
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So the one thing you've got to remember is as your portfolio is evolving, and your life, and your income, you have to revolve your strategies as well, so that you're getting the maximum results in different phases of your life.
- Kimberly Linder

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