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UNO Loans Founder Disrupts Industry and Creates Australia’s first Active Home Loan Manager

Vincent Turner is a 15+ years fintech entrepreneur. His first company, Pisces, which he started at age 21 in 1999, built mortgage software used by over 90% of Australian banks, processing $50bn/year in mortgages. In 2010 he moved to San Francisco and set up Planwise, again taking venture investment, to build consumer financial software. While in SF he founded SF Fintech, the 3rd largest fintech group globally. Vincent is an active investor and adviser to early stage companies across a number of verticals including energy, sustainability and fintech and also is the host of the Shape the System podcast.

In this episode we explore Turner’s decision to leave university at the age of 21 to pursue a business idea of selling his messenger technology to investors and how 20 years later he has become an innovator in the finance and property industry with UNO Loans, which is Australia’s first Active Home Loan Manager, launched in mid 2016 and has secured > $50m in funding from Westpac. 

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How Vincent Turner Plans to Have the Happiest Home Loan Customers

After returning from Silicon Valley and launching his company uno in 2016, Turner rediscovered his passion for helping people find the best home loans and offering the best financial services available on the market.

In this episode we discover how Turner plans to make his customers the happiest home loan customers in the business, whilst getting some insight into Turner’s own property investing journey. He jumps into some of his most challenging investing moments and gives some tips on how to find the best deals and how to know when you’re making the wrong decision.

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Uno Home Loans is one of Australia’s most exciting early-stage businesses, bringing transparency and efficiency to a market badly in need of some customer-facing innovation.
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