Drue Schofield - Generate 50% Profit Through A Planning Strategy

In this episode of Property Investory, join us as we chat to Drue Schofield, owner of a business called 4Front Accountants that acts as accountants and advises clients on business strategy. Learn how he researches by going to seminars, the apt reason why he chose the name 4Front and how he sold his first property for 50% more than he paid for it. Having grown up in Central Queensland, Drue Schofield did one year full-time of a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting before he landed his first job in the accounting space. From there, he managed to obtain a job in London when his employers in Brisbane went to an international conference and whilst based in the UK, managed to travel to many countries, allowing him to visit 24 countries before he was 30. 

Find out about the fork in the road he came to before he started the firm that became 4Front and the circumstances he overcame at the time and the learning experience that came out of buying a car when he was younger rather than a property that would have doubled in value. Also, come along with us as we discover how letting one of his biggest investments go to auction was both an 'aha' moment and a struggle and much, much more! 

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Gaining An Advantage When Property Investing with Drue Schofields

And we're back with Drue Schofields, owner of the business 4Front Accountants that acts as accountants and advises clients on business strategy. In this episode of Property Investory, learn about the properties Drue Schofields has possession of at the moment, his strategy for buying properties wisely so as to gain the most out of one's purchases and how rental income works to his benefit for his commercial property. We will also be learning about his strategy that he implements for his clients that can make a huge difference when structuring businesses or properties, the importance of not putting all your eggs into one basket, how distribution of the income of a trust to employees or family members works and how one can physical transfer money from a trust and the way this has changed over time. 

Delve into the importance of paying tax properly, which Drue Schofield makes sure to do so for his clients, the difference between a director's fee and remuneration through a salary or as an employee and the most important thing for Drue Schofield when his clients leave the office. What's more, we'll be exploring why he went into property rather than other forms of investment, important advice for those looking into investing in property themselves, his viewpoint on risk when it comes to property investment and much, much more! 

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People say how would you describe yourself? Sharp. And that's how you've got to be. You've got to be sharp. 
- Drue Schofield

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Collectively our Partners have over 60 years industry experience in providing leading advice and services to business owners, individuals and families. We believe the key to our successful business relationships with our clients is founded on mutual trust and understanding. 
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The most important thing is that you're comfortable with what you're doing. You understand it as much as you're comfortable with, you've mitigated that risk in your own mind. 
- Drue Schofield

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