Clare Monkley - Transition into Retirement Through Property Investing

Meet Clare Monkley, a successful property investor with her own mortgage broker business called 'Love Finance', who spends her time maintaining the properties currently in her portfolio and assisting owner occupiers and investors to purchase property. Having grown up on a farm without running water as one of eleven children, Clare Monkley never imagined she, a country girl, would go onto attain such a high level of professional success. First starting off her career in a field entirely different to property investment as a hairdresser for several years after leaving school as well as various other jobs, she eventually found herself working for a mortgage broker. This was her entry into the world of property and kickstarted her career in property investment. 

In this episode of Property Investory, learn about her long-term strategy when it comes to investing in property, the importance of looking a little deeper into contracts and how she bounced back from one of her worst investing moments when a joint venture proved unsuccessful. We will also delve into why Clare Monkley believes education is the key to success and the various properties she has bought over the course of her journey. So what are you waiting for? Click the play button and let's get started! 

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Long-Term Strategy With Clare Monkley

We're back in this episode of Property Investory with Clare Monkley to delve into the returns some of her properties are yielding, some as high as six and a half percent, the importance of good relationships with real estate agents and tips for those looking into get into property themselves. Learn about how Clare Monkley does not use a cookie-cutter approach to find properties for her clients and instead uses a tool to calculate things as point of pay off and interest rate and how she has partnered with the largest research company in Australia to obtain education for herself and her clients. 

We will be exploring how property is Clare Monkley's tool for preparing for retirement, how she finds the right lenders for her clients, based on a number of factors, and the reason why she is investing in property in the first place. Also, we'll get into what she is looking forward to most next in her property journey, why she has invested in property rather than other investments such as shares, and the mentors and resources that have helped her along the way. 

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Clare Monkley
So I'm more fearful of not having what I want to retire on then what I am fearful of not taking that step.
- Clare Monkley

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Love Finance is a leading local mortgage broker in Newcastle, NSW. We cover all of Australia, with a particular focus on home loans and investment finance for residents and investors across the Hunter, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast.
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Clare Monkley
I had to work really, really hard to buy that first one and that one was the one that leapfrogged me into the rest of the ones that I've purchased from there on in.
- Clare Monkley

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