Amir Ishak - Sydney Accountant’s International Property Adventures

Amir Ishak is a well travelled property tax expert. In this episode he takes us on a journey through the Middle East and Europe. Explore the new and exciting atmosphere and lifestyle of Dubai, as Ishak explains what life and the property market is like there. He also talks fondly of his time in the UK, and the US, teaching our audience how he managed to travel with only $500. 

 We then discuss the lowest point in his property ventures, when he lost 50% of his assets and was waking up in a panic every night, and the moment he decided to move to Australia. Join us on this exciting adventure with Amir Ishak.  

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Learning How To Leverage Opportunity With Amir Ishak

Amir Ishak is back to talk about mindset, strategy and resources he’s used along the way. We hear how he worked his way from a little office job to a corporate level in Australia, and then how he started his own business. We also hear about the importance of opportunity and how your mindset can greatly impact the opportunities you give yourself. 

 He takes us yet again on an adventure, but this time through his experiences in Auctions, work and family.  

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I approach it in the way that everyone I meet, I try to learn something from them or see something that I don't know.
- Amir Ishak

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With greater awareness of property in the community and a personal interest in property investment & development as well as constantly being asked to advise on property issues, Property Tax Specialists decided to focus on helping and supporting clients’ with an interest in property investment maximising their opportunities and protection while legally minimising their tax liabilities.
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And there are always opportunities. But it's identifying them, understanding them, and being able to assess if those opportunities suit you or not.
- Amir Ishak

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