Aaron Bassin - Australian Fintech Bridging Finance: Why The Banks Can’t Help You

29-year-old Aaron Bassin, Founder and CEO of Bridgit, has a decade of experience across equity and debt capital markets, business strategy and product innovation. 

During this period, Aaron has consistently contributed to the advancement of the Australian Fintech sector and has been actively involved in the execution of capital strategies and building new technologies for some of Australia’s most prominent Fintechs. 

Before establishing Bridgit, Aaron was responsible for strategy, finance, and business transformation for the well-known Australian consumer Fintech, MoneyMe. This included leading the successful completion of an ASX listing and establishing over $300million in securitised warehouse finance. As Head of Strategy, Aaron was responsible for leading the successful completion of the ASX listing, raising over $500million in finance and leading MoneyMe’s innovative product development across personal loan, credit card and car finance. 

Prior to MoneyMe, Aaron worked in Debt Capital Markets at KPMG providing debt advisory services to financial institutions including FinTech’s such as Prospa, ZipMoney and Brighte, banks and credit unions. 

Alongside assembling highly engaged team cultures, and assisting other fintechs in their success, Aaron now transfers these skills and more into the triumph of his most recent initiative, Bridgit, which was established in July 2021(originally under the name "TechLend")

With over 10 years experience in the finance industry, Aaron is well versed in the ever-expanding gap between bank and non-bank lenders with nothing in between. With slow processes and excessive rates, borrowers were not getting a fair deal when it came to buying and selling property. This industry was well overdue for disruption.  

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Bridging Finance: Why The Banks Can’t Help You

We sit down with CEO of new Aussie FinTech Bridgit, Aaron Bassin. He shares the real reason he started his business and why the lending market isn’t as competitive as you might think. We hear about his unique journey within the world of property finance as a first generation Australian and how he raised $500 million worth of business capital at only 27. 

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I got my first job when I was 12 years old and I worked throughout high school and used my holidays to go and work even more to go save up money. By the time I was 20, I had saved enough money to actually buy my first property.
- Aaron Bassin

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Bridgit is an Australian privately owned non-bank lender. They specialise in secured property finance using their digital platform to deliver real time credit solutions. 

Set up by a mortgage broker who wanted to give his clients better pricing on low risk finance and a finance expert who loves what technology can do for consumers in credit – Bridgit is on a mission to bring borrowers faster and fairer financing.
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Bridging finance, it's just a massive gap in the market, where banks are not being able to provide a competitive solution or even a solution at all.
- Aaron Bassin

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