Todd Polke

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Property investment coach, trainer and speaker, Todd Polke started off his career with some real estate experience and the goal of making a shift in his lifestyle. He will share with us how being uncomfortable spurred him to commit to a change and how as a young and successful investor, he lost everything. He will also share his knowledge and experience to gain positive equity when making a deal in the property market. This was the catalyst towards building his portfolio!

Also discover his strategic methods of investing that will protect your portfolio, how he grew up in an environment of coconuts and scuba diving expeditions and be inspired by his life-changing story and transform your own journey into tangible wealth.

“It’s easy to become a property investor, you just get a loan, buy a property, rent it out and congratulations, you’re a property investor! But a number of people who I ask in the audiences who made a mistake in property investing, 50, 60, 70% of the room put their hand up.”

-Todd Polke

As a speaker, coach and trainer on the subject of property investments, Polke focuses on three main tasks each day in order to help others achieve their financial goals.

My day is really made up of a couple of different things – so number one, I tend to be running around speaking and coaching and running events a lot of the time. So that’s something I really love, I’m a teacher at heart, I love to educate people and help them become financially empowered.

On top of that I do work with some one-on-one clients – so that’s on various areas of their wealthy life, in helping them actually press the accelerator down and moving toward the life they want to live.

And number three is spending time with the rest of my team. I have a big team behind me who are working with literally hundreds and thousands of clients on a daily basis and helping them build property portfolios. So that’s really my days split up in about three major segments, along with creating new content and new ways to explain things in a more effective way and really be able to get very different messages across to people. 

So what I’m really focused on doing is that I coach, educate and train everyday people and how to build property portfolios which allow them to really move towards a life – almost like financial slavery, that’s what it is. Most people won’t be able to get them to live a life unlimited by income. So that’s really what I focus on. 

As a property investor, his methods have evolved. For him, this means that he has become a very strategic person.

I’m very methodical in what I do now. When I was younger I was very aggressive and ambitious. I created some great results when I was young, but I also lost all of my money in a short period of time. So to me, it’s all about strategy. So before I start with anything with my own life, or for anyone else I work with, to me it’s all about the right strategy, which is all about starting with what are the results you want to create in life? How much of those results are going to cost? Where are you right now? And strategy is what bridges that gap, so to meet up with the rubber really hits the road and makes a difference between being an investor and a gambler. So in my own property portfolio, it all starts around strategy, everything starts there to me. 

It’s easy to become a property investor, you just get a loan, buy a property, rent it out and congratulations, you’re a property investor! But a number of people who I ask in the audiences who made a mistake in property investing, 50, 60, 70% of the room put their hand up. And it’s not a cheap mistake, property investing costs tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years of lost time. So the strategy is very important.

Sharing with us where he grew up, he says it was all coconuts and scuba diving for some time.

I was actually born in the Solomon Islands, of all random places. So I was born with coconut trees and they had a very different lifestyle. [000429] Some of my earliest memories have always been about my parents walking off the beach and going scuba diving. So that was from my earliest memories and climbing coconut trees and running around and just being crazy

And then I was growing up mainly in south-east Queensland after I turned about the age of four or five. So certainly a country boy – moved to Kilcoy up into Toowoomba.

Having a love for sports, he undertook various jobs before beginning his property investing journey, spending time in the army and as a personal trainer.

Certainly, I was never an academic at school. I graduated on the wrong end of average so academia was never my forte, in any way, shape or form. But I was always an athlete. So I’ve been playing since I was about the age of five and opening up to the places in my country and do some amazing things – I travelled around Japan and different areas, which has certainly shaped me into who I am right now.

But when I left school I went into the healthcare field, so I went and spent some time in the army and I also became a personal trainer and used to run a lot of boot camps and various things like that. I did that for a number of years before I got started in the residential real estate sector. I was a real estate agent by the time I was about 19 or 20 and at about 20 or 21, I got started in the investment property space. 

The transition from personal trainer to property investor and coach came about through the state of being uncomfortable and the desire to make a lifestyle change.

As a personal trainer, I was getting up at about 400 in the morning. I’d be training clients, running boot-camps until about 1100 in the morning. I’d then have a bit of a break in the middle of the day, where I was going to university at that point in time. I started again at about 300 in the afternoon, until about maybe 700 or 800 in the evening with clients.

But running a small business, your day never ever stops. I had paperwork to do, I had marketing to take care of, client programs to write, all those different things. So my day finished up about midnight and I’d do that six days a week. I did manage but I wasn’t sleeping more than four hours a night and as a personal trainer, I was getting sick all the time, my body was breaking down and was having leg surgery on both my legs because I can’t walk or ride my bike. And I remember getting to the end of a particular year, I sit back and reflect, ‘Well what the bloody hell just happened in the last 12 months of my life?’

I really started looking around to going, ‘Look it’s not working, like something’s broken.’ And I had no time, my relationship was in tatters, my health was in tatters and – despite working 17, 18 hours a day, despite doing that 50 weeks of the year – my bank balance was in tatters as well, it was not moving forward. I was literally just treading water financially and to be honest it caused a lot of pain for me. Which is really important sometimes, you know I think a good dose of reality can be… comfortable people never change. So I learned to get into a state of being uncomfortable and when I get into the state of being uncomfortable, I come to know something that’ll actually change my life. That’s when true transformation happens.

Todd Polke equity market knowledge

It was from that point, I had opened my mind up to different things like reading different books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich and A Course In Miracles, and I started attending seminars. I attended one event where I met one mentor and my whole life changed after that point –  six months later I bought my first property deal, which I made $70 000 dollars out of {which is actually more than my wage I was making in my entire personal training business). From that moment on, I was done. This whole rule of life – just work hard and everything was going to work – [000909] just got shattered in one fell swoop and I realised that there must be a better way to do this.

And that’s when I went to go into residential real estate and did that to get experience. But it was an investment property market I wanted to head into because I could really see the result it created in my life. I’ve always been a teacher, I always want to help people. I just moved from being a health and social wellness coach and that transition for me was a very important period of my life. 

For his parents, they went down a conservative ‘slow and steady wins the race’ property investing journey.

My parents were property investors but they get property In a bit of an old way, I call it. Their strategy was to buy a property, pay it outright and pay it completely off and then buy another one after that. So you know what, they actually did OK with their property investing but my challenge with their strategy is that it took them 30 years – and I knew in no way I wanted to wait 30 years to create those type of results. I’m an impatient kind of guy. But it was definitely there, like it was just in the back of my mind and they certainly gave me encouragement to move into my very first property deal and it was definitely in my blood. But they did it a very different way than how I approach property investing, which is it’s kind of an old way – a very conservative strategy. 

For Polke, his property investing journey all began when he attended a life-changing seminar. He resolved to give up making excuses which held him back from committing to making a change and from there, he began to build his portfolio.

One of the very first property investment events I went to, I met a speaker on stage and he was very inspiring and could relate to him a lot of ways. I got this great knowledge out of a bit of a three-hour event that I turned up to and it was a very pivotal turning point in my life, where I really made a decision that I was going to buy my first property in six months and I made a very strong decision. I was always interested in changing my life, but it was that moment where I decided, ‘You know what, I’m going to start being committed and ‘committed’ to me really means you’ve got to give up your excuses. I had to give up the whole excuse that I had no money. I had to give up the excuse that I had no time. I had to give up the excuse that I didn’t know what I was doing.

After that, I decided that I had to learn how to build the outcome that I’ve created. But there was definitely a problem – I had no money, which is always the challenge trying to buy real estate. So I started saving a lot, I found some other ways to create more income. Over a six month period, I saved up $9 500 in order to get my first property deal. [001253] Now that’s not enough to buy a property, but I got the first home owners grant and I got into saving and that was the only way I was able to buy my first property.

So I did my first deal in Labrador on the Gold Coast and I paid $291 000 for this property. The reason I paid $291 000 for it was I couldn’t afford $292 000 because I was literally broke after that point in time. But I did it, I made it, I got it. From that moment I started saving up more money because I bought the property with the purpose of doing a renovation and adding some value. Six months later I saved up another $9-10 000 and did a renovation on the property – I made $70 000 profit on that first property deal while I was living in there. As I said, it literally replaced my income in my property, which is very powerful to me.

Then I was able to get the equity out, recycling equity and that led me to actually bounce into my second view very quickly. I really started to build my portfolio very aggressively from that moment on. 

I went from one to four deals in the space of about 18 months, so that was a rapid amount of accumulation at that point in time, with my income level and my savings level, my equity base. So one to four in 18 months was a really solid phase. So I started to grow it very quickly, I kept putting my belly out and going and doing another one, going again and doing another one, topping up my buffer. And everything was working out beautifully and I thought – young guy, lot of ego, making a lot of money – I thought I was kind of the king of the world at that point in time like the stage of investing or something.

But I definitely made some critical mistakes along the way and in my early 20s I was being too aggressive and I did not protect myself. All it took was the wind blowing in the opposite direction and I almost lost everything, lost their 4 to 5 property deals, because I couldn’t afford them anymore because I couldn’t I didn’t have my buffer topped up. I was massively negatively geared at that point in time. I lost everything in a very short period of time, which as you can imagine was incredibly painful, but it was also a very important experience for me as a property coach and infinitely made me a better property coach in the meantime.

Although losing everything seems to be a harsh reality for him, he says it was a necessary evil to be able to discover how to grow his portfolio and build something sustainable.

It was a very painful experience for me, losing everything. I was building my portfolio very quickly but at the same time not protecting myself was a critical mistake and frankly, I should have known better. But sometimes these things happen in life and then you go, ‘Well what can I learn from that?’ But it really took me down quite a long way. It put my ego in check which was a very important thing, but I just learned so much out of it.

Although it was one of the lowest of the lows, in hindsight it was actually one of the greatest gifts to me and what I’ve been able to do is build my portfolio twice as far the next time around, but do it in a very methodical way and have a very measured approach to actually build sustainable wealth.

Since then as a property coach, gone in leaps and bounds obviously because the learning from that had then trickled on to every other person that I’ve spoken to, in every room that I’ve spoken in and all the investors than I’ve worked with over the years.

The most important thing that Polke gained from the lessons he has learned is to treat property investing like a business and to develop vital strategies which would benefit him in the long term.

When I talked about the property – and this was the start of that philosophy I guess – I’ve refined my investing philosophy over the years and I’ve refined them step by step. I’ve had more experiences, more distinctions and learnt more things and I’ve refined that into my own system, my own strategy which I know delivers results.

I guess at that time one of the biggest learnings I had was that property investing isn’t just about property. I used to think property investing was just about buying property. Like when I was a personal trainer, I used to think that it was actually training people and I didn’t actually realise it was a business. It was when I started treating personal training as a business that my results started to take off. This was exactly the same in my own property investment career, where I realised property investing actually isn’t about the property, it’s a business and we’ve got to treat it like that. So if you’re just focusing on the property then you’re missing most of the game.

One of the greatest experiences I had was that it’s not just about buying property like you’ve got to have multiple different strategies going at any point in time and one of those strategies has to be all about how you protect yourself. Since then, I’ve refined seven different strategies I focus on with my students only one of which is property.

Another moment which held weight in Polke’s journey was the realisation, that many people’s experience of life is based on how much money they earn.

Over the years, I’ve travelled around Australia and in different parts of world speaking, coaching, training and one of the things which make me sadder than almost anything in life is that most people’s experience of life is limited by how much money they earn. Life is about so much more than that. So we should be living life unlimited by income and be able to experience life at that level where it’s not limited by how much physical money we earn.

So when I had seen these types of things, time and time again, it really shifted my whole perspective on property investing. Again it’s not about the property – property investing truly is about creating financial results, which can actually create some choices in people’s lives. And it changed my whole perspective and philosophy in how I approach building portfolios and how I approach teaching other people. Having those experiences definitely was a big a-ha moment for me in how I approached building portfolios and from then on in, my whole teaching philosophy changed as well. 

That’s really interesting and I’m sure that a lot of your clients and students have learnt from you, have taken all these great experiences away because your story is very, very inspirational. 

It’s a great gift to be able to give this back to other people that have such a great gift, it really is. There’s a saying Isaac Newton used to say, that ‘The only reason I can see further than others is that I stand on the shoulders of giants.’ I think that’s really beautiful and I know that in my life I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am right now if I didn’t have the mentors in my life. And it’s from having those mentors in various areas of my life, that helped me grow and fast track my footsteps, my education, my learning and then be able to give that back to other people is a very powerful thing. I’m a big believer in having mentors and having people that you can turn to for advice, guidance and support.

Polke is most excited about helping others realise their goals and giving them the opportunity to follow their passions via financial freedom.

When you talk about my property investment journey, I don’t just think of that as in my own portfolio. I think that my journey is very much involved with all the teaching trends and education that I actually do. That’s where I talk about my property investing journey because that’s where I get the greatest fulfilment and for me, that’s about helping people break free of what I call the ‘default life strategy’ and helping them to create different choices in life. So being able to see those results that people are creating and be able to have a three day weekend, being able to go and follow their passions, being able to do what they love to do rather than what they’re forced to do. To me that’s the greatest gift I have in my overall journey, that’s what I’m most excited by in life.

Make A Wealth Snowball Effect With Todd Polke

Polke initially invested in the property after struggling with mental blocks in earlier years, only to realise that he could have begun his property investing journey much sooner.

I think in life, we’re not really given the best financial foundation. The faith belief system – when it comes to money, time, success and all those other things – we often just walk around with this baggage that we tend to carry from one place to the next. One of the things for me is that I was always taught growing up, ‘Wait your turn.’ So one of those things was that as I was going into property, I was actually ready to jump in the property market a couple of years probably before I got there. You know, I was already thinking about it.

But at that time I was thinking, ‘Oh, you’re too young to do it.’ I was only 17-18 at the time, but, ‘I’m too young to buy a property. And by the way, you’d better wait your turn,’ and that was one of the things that I kept coming up against in various different areas of my life until I identified it. I would always come up these excuses and it’s a common excuse with most people – ‘I don’t have time, I’m so busy, I don’t have money, I don’t know what I’m doing.’ It kind of stopped me from moving forward at the level that I probably could have, early on.

So I had some really great gifts of getting from disruptions when I was younger and learning some different things around mindset and psychology. And I had some people around me, influences who really helped shape the belief systems that I have and I even started to develop at that point in time. It really did have a huge impact on me.

Some of these influences came from places he never expected – like the coffee shop below the gym where he worked as a personal trainer.

Probably one mentor more than others and he was the guy that was speaking in that very first property investment seminar that I attended. He was very young, I just related to him very well and the information that he shared with me just made a huge amount of sense to me. So after that event, I kept going to his events and hearing the same thing over and over again. I had no money and I couldn’t pay him to start working with me. But from a business standpoint, I literally started working with him six months after I bought my first property deal. And I literally annoyed the guy, I called him twice a week in the space of six months until he made a job for me – and that’s how I got started in the property investment industry. Which is a great strategy for getting a job, by the way? 

But there was one other one which was very instrumental as well. When I was still personal training, I started reading the books like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and those type of things and he speaks a lot around the business. So I thought, ‘Well maybe I need to start learning around this,’ and I started at that point in time understanding that personal training is a business as well and underneath the gym that I was working at the time, there was this coffee shop there which is kind of my local office. I used to go sit down there all the time, it was a franchise – Kiyosaki talks about franchises quite often. So I went to actually speak to the manager of the shop there, ‘So tell me about franchises, I don’t know anything about them.’ She talked to me about them and she said, ‘Look I’m probably not the right person to speak to, but my husband is because of what he does.’

We organised to have coffee, had a bit of a chat and it turned out he was actually a member of the gym upstairs that I was working at but he was one of those members that signed up, but never went. So I started swapping coaching with him – I started personal training him and he after our training session, we’d come down, we’d have coffee and he’d start talking about business and finance with me. [000415] And that was a really important arrangement that I made with that mentor, to start picking around different elements of business and finance and really got me started on this path. 

And that was a very good exchange as well. I mean it’s a win-win for both you and him. You want to learn something about finance and he wants to get fit. So that was awesome. 

When you find mentors like these people to work with, it’s not always about money and you just have to figure out what you have of value that the other person might actually find valuable, and make an exchange. I think it’s a great way to get started, to learn different things and be able to explore the experiences of others.

The information and advice he learned from these mentors encouraged Polke to look at multiple aspects of property from different angles.

I guess a lot of it was around strategy, I started to develop a lot of my strategy philosophy from listening to him and working with him. So it was a very critical element and he just loved and adored property, which was great. He just loved everything about it and he was so creative in how he would structure deals and put them together.

It really made me start to think outside the box and start to look at things from a different angle. And that was a very important learning, we have to look at things from multiple angles, find different ways to make it far more effective; to be able to twist things and turn them and plug them in for ways you’d be able to squeeze out different levels of profit. That was a big understanding from working with that particular mentor.

When it comes to Polke’s property investing strategy, he believes that there is a purpose for each type of wealth creation vehicle.

I’ve got nine properties in my portfolio at this point in time. So I’ve bought more and traded some back to the marketplace because I’m never about buying and hold or buy and sell. I’m really about doing whatever works, that’s what my philosophy truly is. I’ll be honest, I’m not just about the property – I’ve invested in multiple businesses and done a lot of work in shares and trading in various areas of my life.

So for me, as much as I love the property, in the same breath, I feel it’s more of a vehicle than anything else. It’s still my primary wealth creation vehicle, but I like to look at things very very unemotionally. To me, it is what purpose is there to serve? So I can see that different types of properties serve a different type of purpose within the portfolio. Shares might be able to support them in certain ways and don’t support them in certain ways. Even people’s jobs support that in certain ways. So to me, it’s never about the property, it’s actually more about what purpose the property is there to serve within the overall portfolio construct, which can actually create the result that you want in your life. 

So what is the purpose that drives him to build his property portfolio?

I’ve been able to create a lot of freedom in my life in various different areas, being able to have the time free and being able to spend time with my little girl is one of the greatest gifts I have in my life. I love to experience life at a different level and what I mean by that it’s not about having lots of stuff like I bought the nice car and all that type of stuff and then realised that it was never going to fulfil me. So it’s not about having a nice car or a nice home, it’s really about experiencing life at the level that you want to experience it, unlimited by income.

I’m also a very big believer in contribution. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to be able to support building multiple schools overseas. Every year I support a girl through her entire year of schooling and education. I believe that we should make as much money as we possibly can in life and I think we should handle home-base, which is us in our own lives, but then we should actually give most of it away to something bigger than ourselves – a cause greater than just us in our lives. Handle home-base first, but then how are we here to actually serve the planet and serve humanity at a different level. That’s why I built my portfolio. Part of my purpose is in the education space and what I do. But a big part is actually bigger causes than myself that I really want to look after. 

When developing his portfolio of nine properties, Polke implemented a variety of strategies using a layering technique.

I’ve done a range of different property deals, anywhere from renovation deals to subdivisions and I’ve done some mini developments as well. I’ve done very different property deals. So when I’m building up to the portfolio I have now, so much of it has been combining different strategies. Whenever I work with any of my students – and it’s what I do on my own portfolio – I focus on having seven different strategies at any point in time, one of which is about what I call financial plight, which is about your personal money management. Because what I find most of all is that most people are leaking money left, right and centre and they had this mystery of the universe, what I call the backbreaking money.

I love a quote by Dr John Demartini, he said, ‘Why would you be giving more money to manage? We can’t manage what you’ve already got.’ And that’s a really, really powerful thing because I’ve learnt that so often it’s not just about how much you make, but it’s what you do with what you make that makes a difference. And I’ve seen doctors, cosmetic surgeons, earning $400 000 in a year who are dead-set broke, and single mums on $55 000 a year with two kids at home who have six properties now.

So I know the difference is it isn’t just about how much money you make. I also teach about the financial fortress strategy, which is all about protecting themselves step-by-step in their portfolio. Because it’s not just about how much you make, but what you do with what you make – but it falls about how much you keep. As I said in my earlier story where I lost everything, this is something I didn’t do early on so I’m hypersensitive around that.

It’s so important. 

It’s really important, it’s critical. The other strategies are your investment empire, which is all about getting your money working hard for you and what deals you’re going to do. The leverage stage which is all about your financial strategy and how you can get lending from the banks year after year. The income multiple strategy, which is all about how you can create multiple streams of income and I’m a big believer in that. Then a tax strategy and then mitigated mode strategy, which to me is all about if you want to create a very high level of results in your life then you’ve got to raise a standard in which you’re playing the game of life, which is all about how you show up on a daily basis.

So I always focus on seven different strategies. It’s when we can have a strategy for each area and then layer a strategy, on top of a strategy, on top of a strategy, that’s when we kind of create this wealth snowball effect which literally becomes unstoppable. 

When applying Polke’s layering technique at the outset, it’s important to grasp the foundation of wealth, and what is this foundation?

I think I call it handling home-base – you’ve got to handle home-base, which is the foundation of your wealth. So many people go out and try and get rich quick, the silver bullet which is going to solve their problems in one fell swoop. And it just doesn’t work, you’ve got to handle the foundation. When I talk about the foundation and handling home-base, number one I’m talking about psychology and the way you think. I think that’s a foundation beyond anything. The more you can read, the more you learn, the more you can grow, the more you can reflect on why you do what you do and how you make decisions, the more of an effective human being you will become. You can make better decisions moving forward because in the end life is a series of decisions. 

Todd Polke equity market knowledge

The second part of it is all about making sure that you protect yourself. If you’re going to go out and invest hundreds of thousands in the property market, then you’ve got to protect yourself – you’ve got to have a plan for how you’re going to make sure you’re looking after yourself and your family. That you separate your property business from your personal life, which is your home mortgage and living and things like that.

The third part is handling your personal finances. It’s boring stuff, like creating a budget. Most people find it boring but it’s one of the most powerful things you can possibly do. It’s financial empowerment and plugging financial leaks and really taking control of your personal finances. I know for a lot of people, it’s part of the most critical things you can do.

He also believes if you do not change your mindset before investing into property, it would be no different from a lottery winner who doesn’t change their financial habits.

If you look at lottery winners, statistics show that I think it’s 95% of lottery winners who win millions of dollars, within three to five years they’re back to exactly where they started or worse off because they kept applying the exact same financial habits, exact same way of thinking and the exact same financial strategy they had in their life when they won the money. And guess what, their external result – meaning the money they won – just rewound to who they actually are on the inside. So it’s not about how much money you make but how can you handle that, what you are able to do with that, having the most effective it possibly can.

Talking about habits, one that has particularly contributed to Polke’s success is allotting time each week to manage his finances.

All wealth and success are all about habit to me. One of the most powerful habits I’ve committed to was having a money night. 

So once a week I would set aside an hour, in which I would actually consciously go and manage my money. How I would set that night up is that it would be an hour – I wouldn’t spend any longer than that. The first thing I’d do was look at my portfolio, have a look at my goals, so I was always realigning myself with what I’m trying to create.

I would then look at the previous week and ask, ‘Did all my bills get paid? Did all the income come in from my investments? Did everything work out the way it was supposed to?’ I then look at the current week and go, ‘OK well, what bills are due to come out? What income is due to come in? What payments do I need to make?’ and then I set it up and automate it so it happens without me. Then I spent any time I have leftover learning something new about money. And in that one hour than I did in my own life, all of a sudden I became completely on top of my finances; because most people only get to their money when they have a bill to pay, or when they don’t have any money. That’s when they only think about it. But when you are constantly on top of your money, you spend one hour a week of doing it, the result can be absolutely phenomenal. [001902] The ripple effect of that one habit is critical and a lot of my students who do that will actually attest to that. So that’s a very, very powerful one for me. 

That’s excellent. Yeah. I mean that’s the key and fundamental. And once you get this habit right personally it’s easy to be applied to property investing as well.

When I’m learning about money, I might be learning about property investing and I’m looking at my portfolio, I’m managing, I’m learning something new. And that’s really critical.

The second habit was that as I lead a pretty busy life, I always schedule 30 minutes of directed reading and direct learning every single day. The more that we can read, the more that we can learn and a lot of people get overwhelmed, thinking if they’ve got a book in front of them they have to read the whole thing. But if you break it down into small little chunks for 30 minutes a day, like listening to podcasts like this or YouTube videos or reading a book. That’s been another fundamental habit that is created the ripple effect which has been huge in my life.

On recommending books to read or listen to the names some of the most valuable sources of information which have resonated with him.

One of my favourite books is by Paul Coelho called The Alchemist. It is definitely one of my favourite books about so much around the journey of life and finding purpose. 

I’m literally standing in front of my bookshelf right now which is kind of big. It’s one of my favourite places in the house is my bookshelf. So the Alchemist by Paul Coelho is definitely a major one for me. Something I really love and I listen to it and read it over and over and over again. 

Any podcast would you recommend to listen to or anything or even in any of your books that you like to share with listeners as well to check out. 

What everyone has to understand is my journey has seen me go from very much fully in the health faith, then into the business space, then into the wealth space. And as I’ve progressed and grown as an individual it has gone from wealth and started to go into the spirituality side of things, in mass and family and a whole different side of things. So what people hear about me, they know that I’m about so much more than just property. To me, the property, career building, wealth, is a pathway to be able to go and free people so they can actually lift their head and look for some greater meaning in life and be able to live the life they want. So when I talk about some of these books, it will resonate with some people but won’t with others. I’m a big fan of Wayne Dyer, he passed away very recently – a great loss to the world – but I’m a big fan of him. Jim Rowan, his YouTube and audio collections. I’m a massive fan of Tony Robbins mentors, so I’m a big fan of both those as I’ve definitely spent a lot of time listening and learning from those guys. Robin Sharma is certainly someone I respect greatly and I listen to a lot of his stuff on an ongoing basis. There’s a lot of people I could really talk to that really help move your life to the next level. 

Through experience with personal development, Polke has learned that everything is interconnected.

What I’ve learned over time is that you will never out-earn yourself. So you’re never going to out-earn who you are on the inside. And that’s a big secret. So when I talk about this personal development stuff and transformation work, all of this helps your wealth. Every bit of this is related – making money is never just about the property or anything like that, it’s about every area of your life. Your health and energy helps your wealth, your mindset helps your wealth, your ability to create extra income streams helps your wealth. It’s all interrelated to me and it’s really about the whole wide concept, so you’ll never out-earn yourself. 

Polke also shares the best way that you can connect with him. If you get a chance you can also check out some of his events.

Come and connect with me on Facebook, so just search me – I think I’m the only that exists in Australia, I think in the world. So T-O-D-D P-O-L-K-E, come and connect with me there. I certainly share a lot of real estate stuff on there. Definitely come along to the Thrive Property website, which is my company, The reason it’s called Thrive is it’s all about using property investing as that vehicle to be to thrive in life. So definitely come along and connect, I would love to connect with you on Facebook or social media. I love connecting with people who really want to take their lives to the next level.

This episode was produced by Andrew Faleafaga with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.