Directory Terms and Conditions

[last updated December 2019]

Looking for someone?

We get to speak to a lot of very interesting people on our Podcasts and regularly get asked about how to contact them. There are also people who listen to our Podcasts who are really interested in working with our listeners and have the type of business that might be able to provide that support.

We make this directory available for you easily find the people you want to connect with and contact them directly. Our making this directory available is not an endorsement of any individual or entity listed. It is your sole responsibility to complete your due diligence before making a decision to work with any person or business listed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Inclusion in this directory is not consent to receipt of direct marketing material. The people and businesses listed expressly revoke any implied consent to receipt of marketing materials. You must not use the information contained in this directory to create a direct mail list. 

Directory Listing benefits

Our directory is available to all listeners (over 7,800 subscribers) and people interacting with Property Investory. To become more easily found by our audience, claim your Standard or Premium listing.

To ensure our content remains current, directory listings will expire every 12 months unless updated.

Standard business listings:

  • no cost
  • must be claimed/ updated at least once every 12 months to remain current
  • business name and contact information only

Upgrade to our Premium Directory Listing:

Your upgrade to our Premium Directory Listing is subject to a credibility check for adverse publicity, regulatory action, misleading or confusing cross-branding or any other publicly available information deemed by us to have the potential to be detrimental to Property Investory.

  • After passing the credibility check, you may purchase a 12 month listing for $3,600 + GST payable either in 12 equal monthly instalments, or discounted to $3,000 + GST if paid in full up front.
  • Listings are non-refundable and remain in place for 12 months, together with the following benefits:
  • your listing will be a business listing with availability for people to leave reviews,
  • you will receive one “Sponsored Email” in Weekly Email Newsletter to 7,800 subscribers,
  • we will conduct one 20 minute interview with you - 1 episode for our Partners only Podcast, where we feature business referral partners. Your interview will be published only if it does not contain offensive language, swearing or abusive themes. Property Investory has the sole discretion to refuse to publish an episode it deems non-compliant with that requirement.
  • you may receive between 1 - 12 podcast placements a month (limited spots).
  • The Podcast is promoted on Spotify, SoundCloud,, Google Music, iHeartRadio, YouTube and on Facebook Video.

Setting up your Directory listing

When setting up a directory listing you agree that you:

  • will provide accurate, complete and current information,
  • will update your listing promptly if any of your details change,
  • will not impersonate or misrepresent your credentials, qualifications or experience,
  • will not misrepresent your affiliations with any particular business, product or service,
  • agree that users may rate your business, products or services and provide reviews on our online services,
  • will keep your login information secure including your username and password,
  • will immediately contact us if you believe that your listing may be subject to an unauthorised transaction, account takeover or other type of fraudulent activity or security breach, and
  • will pay any fees, charges or commissions associated with your directory listing, when due.

You acknowledge that your failure to comply with any of the above requirements may result in removal of your listing and any content that you have submitted, from our directory. We make no warranty that we will keep that information. Once your listing is removed, if you wish to have it reinstated, you may be required to input all data again.  

You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs in relation to your listing, whether authorised by you or not, and may be liable for any loss to us or third parties caused as a result of the use of the listing, whether by an authorised person or not.