Phillip King - Why Retail Shops Are A Superior Asset To Build Your Wealth On

Phillip King has $30 million worth of reasons he’s the Sutherland Shire’s king of commercial real estate. Aftera 30+ year career at IBM Australia, where he was one of the first mobile phone owners and worked with computers as big as living rooms, he thought it was time for retirement. He was wrong. 

Harnessing 3 decades of commercial investment thanks to his childhood chats with his Uncle Joe, King realised his calling and jumped at the chance. Now with 53 commercial properties of his own and a database of 350 clients, he’s living the career of his dreams. 

In this episode King delves into what it was like to grow up in God’s country, where his childhood revolved around sport and definitely not around writing books! The author of Engines of Wealth: Commercial Retail Shops describes how and why he got involved in commercial property investing, and why residential property just wasn’t the fit for him. Plus, millennials rejoice: we hear how you can have your avocado toast and flat whites and save for a house deposit, using just one spiralling method!

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We’re back with Phillip King, owner of 53 commercial properties and author of Engines of Wealth. In this episode he delves into how no matter your financials, just one commercial property can propel you into financial freedom. He shares the story of his favourite tenant of all time, followed by a list of tenants he loves to rent to— if you’re a business owner, you may find you’re on that list! Not a business owner? No worries, you can be sooner than you think. If you’ve wondered if it’s possible to build $30,000 a year in equity before you even wake up for work, this is the episode for you! 

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And what then shocked me is the franchisee came in and stripped the supermarket. They spent around $500,000 of their own money, putting in new roof, new flooring, new fridges, new freezers, new shelving, new signage. I went up there, literally my jaw dropped and hit the ground. And I said, 'Oh my god, I own this. Wow.
- Phillip King

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Phillip King wants you to know that even if numbers aren’t your thing, he’s got you covered. You can contact him via his Engines of Wealth website, where you can arrange a one-on-one consulting session, and receive free property reports. He also offers a special deal for Property Investory listeners! Contact Property Investory to receive a PowerPoint presentation that captures the essence of his book.
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So the message here is, right now today, I owe the bank $50 million. And people say, 'Oh, my God, how do you sleep at night?!' And I say, 'Like a baby.'
- Phillip King

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