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Mish Daniel is the founder of Revolve Commercial. From a young age, she has been facing unimaginable hardships however, this pushed her to create a better life for herself. After living in South Africa until she was in her 40’s, she made a brave choice and moved to Australia. 

When Daniel first came to Australia, she was unable to invest into residential properties. However, this was a blessing in disguise. Using her business knowledge and commercial investment experience from South Africa, Daniel was able to tap into the Australian commercial property market and build a successful business. 

In this episode, we hear stories about Daniel’s time in South Africa, childhood figures that influenced her to go into property investment and much more! 

When They Started


Properties Under Management


Main Strategy


Look Beyond the Walls’: Uplifting with Mish Daniel

We’re back with Mish Daniel, the founder of Revolve Commercial. In this episode, she delves into the strategy that she uses for all of her investments: look for the potential of a property and uplift. She will discuss the value of having a mentor and explore the influence that her own mentors had. As well as this, Daniel will share advice that she wished she knew at the start of her journey and what she is excited for in the future!

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The harder you work, the more you, you get educated, the more skills you have, the luckier you're going to be.
- Mish Daniel

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If you would like to contact Mish Daniel and learn more about investing in commercial properties, you can do so via her website, or Facebook page, ‘Commercial Cash Flow’.
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I really, really feel very strongly that success is all about collaboration.
- Mish Daniel

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