James Dawson - 40+ Years in the Commercial Property Investment Game

James Dawson has been in the property game for forty two years now, dabbling in both residential and commercial property investing. Starting out as a real estate agent before eventually buying his own investment, Dawson shares with us his investing journey and how the idea of owning multiple properties in a time where the notion was unheard of, was instilled in him since childhood. 

Join us in this episode of property as we delve into Dawson’s amazing journey to learn more about 
the property purchases his made along the way, the epiphany that made him realise property could change his entire lifestyle, the ways he learnt you could earn more from a commercial investment, and so much more! 

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Considering Commercial Investments with James Dawson

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James Dawson is back, joining us on this episode of Property Investory to delve further into his property journey to talk about the strategies, mindsets and resources he’s used so far. We’ll find out why he believes commercial investing is the way to go, personal examples of how these commercial properties have provided great cash returns and what he believes holds people back from investing. 

We’ll also be discussing the pros and cons of purchasing a property solely on the assumed capital growth that can occur and why positive cash flow might be a better type of return to look at. Following this, James Dawson will go into detail about the need for exit strategies, the importance of mindset and much much more! So join us in this episode to continue learning all about James Dawson’s journey and the tips and tricks he has to tell you!  

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A resident of Byron Bay for over two decades, James Dawson has been semi-retired since his late thirties, and it’s all thanks to his savvy property investments. More specifically, it’s his skill in securing consistent positive cash flow from commercial property investments that has set him up for a lifetime of freedom. 
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Wealth is a two edged sword and I don't believe that you need to be extremely wealthy to have a great lifestyle.
- James Dawson

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