Helen Tarrant - The Secret Industry With Big Profit: Real Commercial Property

Commercial property speaker and director of Commercial Property Cashflow, Helen Tarrant, shares with us her journey from a hard-working upbringing to the heartbreaking theft of her startup business to her first investment on the Central Coast. You’ll uncover how a Law degree helped her recover from real life situations - even from tenants growing marijuana in the backyard!

Also get an insight into her day in a snapshot, where she mentors students and finds the best deals for them to achieve their commercial property goals, as well as learn how she herself got into property investing to attain financial independence for her family. Find out how you can get into commercial property and eliminate tenants woes while generating thousands of dollars each month. 

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Commercial Property

High Yielding Properties at 11%: Where To Find Them and How To Get The Cash Flow To Buy Them with Helen Tarrant

Continuing our chat to commercial property speaker for Freedom360, Helen Tarrant, we’ll discuss her strategy for creating a foundation of cash flow before building on your portfolio. Find out where you can find great commercial property that yields over 8%; and uncover the strong mindset you need to balance growth or equity with cash flow. 

Tarrant will also reveal why looking at property is like her son looking in a toy shop, how she had to educate herself on property through trial and error and why in committing to a commercial property, you need to stick to your guns throughout the whole process - even when it gets complicated. 

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Helen Tarrant is a successful Commercial Property Investor who has along with her husband built a Commercial Property portfolio of over $10 Million dollars within 5 years. 

Helen holds a Bachelors in Laws and a Masters in Laws degree from Australian National University along with her Real Estate Licence. Helen realised very quickly that one of the main inhibitors to Commercial Real Estate investment is lack of understanding how it works and where to find those properties. 
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When we first started five years ago, six years ago, there was nothing on the market so everything was trial and error. We learned everything from scratch.
- Helen Tarrant

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