Dawn Canale - How to Buy A 1.8 Million Dollar Property for only $100,000

Dawn Canale is a self-claimed serial entrepreneur, taking on the roles of strawberry farmer and mother as well as property investor. After growing up in various places in Australia and overseas, she took the adaptability skills she learned and combined them with her mum’s investment skills to create her property portfolio which is now standing at $23 million. 

Join us on this episode of Property Investory where you’ll hear Canale’s stories of regularly dealing with $20 million checks at a young age, how when she started at the strawberry farm she inspired others to simplify their lives, the property decisions she’s made that scared her husband, and how sometimes, investment headaches can lead to amazing potential.  

When They Started


Portfolio Value

$23 Million

Main Strategy

Capital Growth + Commercial Property

$23+ Million Passive Property Portfolio With Dawn Canale

Property investor and strawberry farmer Dawn Canale shares her strategy on how she built a property portfolio worth over $23 million by leveraging capital growth and how it’s possible to invest 90% of your income to make that first deposit happen. 

Check out some of the resources which have inspired Canale to succeed throughout her property journey, how earning passive income through your portfolio can help you achieve the life you want to live while remaining frugal and why your property should be advertised like a billboard. 

Resources and Links Mentioned

Note: Some of the resources may be affiliate links meaning I receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.
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Hard work and consistency will always beat natural, hands down.
- Dawn Canale

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Strawberry farmer turned self made millionaire Dawn Canale rolled up her sleeves and changed her life through property. 
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You have got to have that hunger and that competitive edge when you want something, you got to go out and get it.
- Dawn Canale

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