Chris Lang - The $51 Million Sale of Commercial Property

Chris Lang is the CEO of Property Made Easy and Property Edge Australia, whereby he helps buyers to purchase commercial property or make the transition from residential to commercial for its greater return and prepares education-based material for subscribers such as online courses. With forty-five years in the business under his belt, Lang started his journey in residential property and property management, during which he sold a 51-million dollar property for a fee of $800,000. 

Join us as we find out about Chris Lang's High Return Filter app which compares a property against investment objectives and buying criteria, his secret technique to avoid competing with other people for properties and how he does the opposite of what others do as part of his property investing technique and much more, all in this episode of Property Investory! 

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Nine-Step Commercial Property Strategy

Chris Lang's Nine-Step Investment Formula For Commercial Property

We are joined again in this episode of Property Investory by successful property investor Chris Lang to explore how he became a buyer's agent after the property market plummeted overnight, why he wrote seven books on commercial property and advice on how to interact with people when it comes to working as a buyer's agent and property investor. 

Come with us as we delve into Chris Lang’s special nine-step formula for investing in commercial property that ensures the property is a good investment regardless of whether the market is up or down, from tying together the valuation and finance to 'stealth marketing', and daily habits that contribute to his success and so much more! 

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It has changed in that back then it was very much who knew. These days it's more [about] structuring how to use the internet and word marketing.'
- Chris Lang

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So it's interesting in real estate to be successful, you have to be a finder and a finisher...Unless you can list the property or ultimately package the deal up to sell it, you're not adding much value to the transaction.
- Chris Lang

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