Brian McNicol - Commercial Properties Success: From 0 to 14 Properties

Meet Brian McNicol, the successful commercial property investor and CEO of buyer's agency Commercial property, who made the transition into commercial property after having 14 residential properties under his belt. These days he specialises in finding commercial property for buyers with most of his clients focused on retail office accommodation and some on industrial, helping them to purchase those properties with recession-proof tenancy or a high net return. Born and bred in Brisbane, Brian McNicol studied Commerce at university and held a variety of roles, from accounting to clerical positions, before he made the jump into property, when a six-week role with the Queensland government resulted in close to nineteen years at the job that eventually led him to the role of property consultant. 

Learn more about the residential properties he managed to accumulate through renovation and splitting, the lessons he learned along the way, what inspired him to go into property in the first place. Also, we will be delving into the moment he realised he could turn negative gearing into positive cash flow and why doctors and solicitors make good long-term tenants. So what are you waiting for? Click the play button to get started! 

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Buying a 1.1 Million Dollar Shopping Centre with Brian McNicol

Join us in this episode of Property Investory as we delve into how Brian McNicol managed to use the strategy of splitting to accumulate 14 residential properties and how venturing into the property landscape in New Zealand gave him extra leverage. Having purchased three commercial properties unencumbered to help support his lifestyle, he tells us about why commercial property investments can be better than residential and what he looks for when searching for a commercial property to purchase. 

 Learn about how he bought a 1.1 million dollar shopping centre that provided a net rental income of $92,000, the size of the deposit required when investing in commercial property and the biggest reason he became a buyer's agent and property investor. What's more, you'll hear all about the mentors and resources that have helped him along the way, what he would tell himself 10 to 20 years ago, what he is most excited about in the next five years and so much more! So what are you waiting for? Click that play button and let's get started! 

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You don't buy things sight unseen. We select our managing agents ourselves, we don't buy in a one industry town or a town with a relatively small population.''Hard work and consistency will always beat natural, hands down.
- Brian McNicol

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Commercial Property Buyers Agency is a fully licensed real estate agency in Queensland but we do not sell real estate. CPBA is a company specialising in the purchase of commercial property on behalf of our clients. We match our client’s requirements for good tenants, long leases and great rental yields with available propertie 
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There's always questions about replacing light bulbs because the tenant can't reach the light bulb or whatever. Virtually all those disappear with commercial property.
- Brian McNicol

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