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How You Can Succeed In Property with a Small Salary

Cate Bakos, founder of Cate Bakos Property – an independent buyers advocacy business which has been granted Buyers Agent of the Year – will discuss the lessons learnt throughout her journey, how you can use her experiences to improve your own portfolio choices and make a multiple property investments a possibility, even on a small salary!

A finalist for Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year, Bakos analyses and then breaks down how she helps investors and first home buyers find their dream properties using numbers-driven science. Follow her journey from chemist to advocate, while learning from her how it’s never too late to get started on your passion and why sometimes a quick decision can turn out better than if it were planned beforehand.

I didn’t realise what my true calling was back when I was an early investor I just knew that I wanted to look at property as an asset class and get in early. - Cate Bakos

In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 01:27

    What does an average day as an advocate look like for Cate Bakos.

  • 05:52

    Where did Bakos grow up and her personal story. She shares raising her two children and moving to the city.

  • 07:07

    What motivated Bakos to begin her property investment journey.

  • 09:13

    Bakos’ property investment strategy.

  • 20:23

    Bakos’ worst investing moment and how she gained the knowledge she now uses to run her impressive portfolio.

  • 23:39

    Bakos’ ‘ah-ha’ moment that came from a last-minute decision.

  • 26:04

    What is the most exciting thing about property investing journey for Bakos.

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Show Notes:

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