Scott O'Neill - Property Investments To Fund World Travel and Earning $300K+

Director of Rethink Investing, Scott O’Neill, has always been passionate about property investing. Retired at the age of 28, you’ll learn how he earned over $300,000 from his property portfolio and is now travelling the world in style, how he can help you achieve success through property and why it’s always worthwhile to look outside your own backyard for amazing investment opportunities! 

Whether private or commercial, split or whole, O’Neil has learnt all the important lessons to give you the most helpful advice that you need to begin your property investment journey with a bang. 

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Scott O’Neill’s Cash Cows Are Bringing in Millions Every Year - Here’s How Yours Can Too!

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We’re with director of Rethink Investing, Scott O’Neill, who was able to retire from full time work at 28 years of age! We’ll discover how he achieved this through his highly structured, 2:1 strategy, why he’s continuing to rentvest and how to invest in properties that will keep both you and your bank happy. 

We’ll also find out how he stays focused in terms of mindset, how he sets goals for himself which contribute to his success and why if you really want to invest in property, you need to ignore the negativity portrayed by the mainstream media.

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Note: Some of the resources may be affiliate links meaning I receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.

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Scott O'Neill
I landed on the fact I wanted a supermarket, or a food related business because this is five years plus ago. And I always thought, ‘food can't go out of fashion
- Scott O’Neill

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