Rich Harvey - Bouncing back from Financial Loss

Rich Harvey grew up on Sydney’s Northshore, and got a start to his portfolio fairly early. After building up to 14 properties, a bad deal with a dodgy developer left Harvey with next to nothing, forcing him to start again. 

Now, having started, Harvey works as a buyers agent to help other investors achieve the same-level success as he has. Tune in to this episode of Property Investory to hear his heart wrenching story, how he got his foot on the property ladder, and the high’s and low’s of his journey so far. 

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Duped by a Dodgy Developer. How To Bounce Back From Financial Ruin with Rich Harvey

Rich Harvey is a widely successful buyers agent and property investor who sits at the head of the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Association, as well as chairing the Buyer's Agents Chapter for the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. 

Join us in this episode as Harvey takes us on a journey through his investment career, revealing the tragic deal he made with a dodgy developer which led to the loss of his entire property portfolio. Harvey reveals the details of his climb back to success, his top tips to improve your chances of a profitable investment and much much more!  

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We just handed over the money on the basis of a loan document. But we were unable to you know to get the equity back from, from the projects and they all collapsed when the developer went bankrupt. So it was a very, very difficult lesson to learn.
- Rich Harvey

Want to contact Rich Harvey? works in an easier way to help you sell your house. It is not a corporate organization that is solely looking to make profits. is genuinely involved in helping people who are in difficult situations. We understand the struggles and challenges people face when it comes to selling their properties.
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I mean, there are so many lenders out there that most of these so-called brokers, independent brokers, if you ask them, ‘Hey, how many lenders have you actually used in the last two, three years?’, it'll be like one lender, two lenders, maybe three. 
- Rich Harvey

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