Matt Srama - From Kicking Goals To Landing Real Estate In Gold Coast Market

Matt Srama is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played for the Gold Coast Titans and is now a property investor. He prioritised becoming an athlete straight out of high school, but at the ripe age of 26 he decided to throw in the towel due to many injuries, and delved into the world of property. Currently Srama is aiming to be an entrepreneur and start his buyer’s agency business. 

 Join us in this episode of Property Investory to hear how the former rugby player learnt how to manage properties, how he dealt with hardships during his athletic career and the moment where he realised investing was for him! 

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How to Build a Portfolio of $2.5 million with Matt Srama

We're back with former rugby player Matt Srama who delved into property investment after retiring from his athletic career. From looking up videos on YouTube on how to understand property to now having five properties that are sitting around $2.5 million with a 60% LVR, the young investor proves it’s important to trust your gut. 

 In this episode of Property Investory we will learn exactly how Srama has managed to land deals using a variation of strategies when it comes to investing and how he incorporated renovation. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear how he has started to learn how the market works, the kinds of resources that have inspired him along his journey and the kind of mentality he has adopted throughout his journey and much much more! 

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The Srama Group, a professional Gold Coast based buyers agency company that solely focused on partnering with Gold Coast property buyers to save them time, pain, and frustration during the sourcing, buying, and post sale process, whilst also potentially saving them tens of thousands of dollars during the negotiation process.
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You have got to have that hunger and that competitive edge when you want something, you got to go out and get it.
- Matt Srama

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