Luke Moroney - Buying A Property For Investment: Mistakes To Avoid!

Buyers agent and owner of Search Party Property, Luke Moroney joins us on this episode of Property Investory. Moroney takes us on a journey as he explains how he simultaneously traveled the world and worked, and how he had to adjust to a different lifestyle upon his return. Moroney is not only well-versed in vacations, but he’s also a property expert, with 27 properties in his portfolio. Learn from the best as he explains the mistakes he made on his first property, and how you can avoid making those same mistakes.

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How Luke Moroney Bought 15 Properties in 18 Months

Luke Moroney is back to share his expert knowledge with our audience. In this tell all episode Moroney explains how he accumulated 15 properties in 18 months, totalling $8 Million in equity. He also tells the tale of the time a property he bought in Melbourne drew statewide attention, and how he proved everyone wrong with growth of $190,000. He also shares the secret behind his strategy and why it’s important to have both manufactured equity and capital growth in your portfolio. 

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It's about having patience to allow that to grow to, to sustain a whole strategy, not only that one property, or that one investment, but a whole portfolio for the future.
- Luke Moroney

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7 properties in the property portfolio got up to 36 at one stage. And then sell I'm an advocate of buying and selling. 
- Luke Moroney

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