Lachlan Vidler - How a $50,000 Property Investment Grew to $2M+

Lachlan Vidler is the director of Atlas Property Investment Group and is an active investor. After completing his business degree he joined the Royal Australian Navy, serving for six years. During this time he also completed his masters in finance and decided to delve into management consulting, working with some huge global names. It was this switch in professions that ultimately led Vidler to see investing as a full-time job. 

Join us in this episode of Property Investory to hear how Vidler’s role as logistics warfare officer in the Navy, equipped him with the skills to rise in the world of property investing. You’ll learn how his unconventional childhood has shaped who he is today and given him the confidence to take on anything! 

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How Serving in the Military set Lachlan Vidler up for Success in Property Investing

We're back with director of Atlas Property Group, Lachlan Vidler. When he made the switch to management consulting, Vidler’s immersion in the business world made him even more inclined to build up his property portfolio, where he currently holds four properties and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. 

In this episode of Property Investory we will learn exactly how this problem solving expert has managed to find the best deals when scoping out properties and how to avoid potential disasters. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear how he expanded his portfolio by venturing into the lucrative property development space and much much more! 

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Atlas Property Group is made up of strategic, experienced and data-driven minds. We are highly successful property investors helping you, the buyer, to create wealth and ultimately achieve financial freedom under the leadership of our Director Lachlan Vidler. Whether you’re purchasing a home, your first investment or making sure an existing property portfolio is robust, Atlas is with you on the journey.
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Something that the military is really good at training and teaching you how to do is when you have to turn on and raise your level of performance, or take on those really high levels of stress. You learn really great methods of dealing with these high stress situations, how to break down problems, how to think up solutions.
- Lachlan Vidler

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