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Strategy Secrets on How to Make Money in Property Investment

Updated 11/01/2019

Starting every day at 2:45 am, Christofi has always been passionate about his work as a money and finance consultant, making sure he helps his clients create profitable investment portfolios while simultaneously growing his own.

Listen to this episode of Property Investory to learn how Christofi converted his hard-working habits into monetary success, the details to both his best and worst investing moments, and how property investment provides him with the security he needs to provide for his family.

'Invest first and pay people smarter than you to give you advice'

Chris Christofi

Currently managing 11 companies in total, Christofi is dedicated to giving his clients a holistic view of their finances.

I’m the founder and CEO of Reventon and I'm currently managing 11 companies in total. We currently look after a number of things in finance, property management, accounting financial planning basically a holistic approach to people's finances and amongst other things. I also want us to go. So that's a very short version of what I do.

How do you manage 11 companies? That is a lot...

It's something that I enjoy doing. I think ADD help me because my mind is always doing 15 things at once so it allows me to multitask somewhat effectively. 

We've got currently got five offices and we're looking at expanding to another five or six in the next 18 to 24 months. 

Christofi starts his days super early to make sure he is able to do some mind-feeding visualization before getting into his business.

In any given day, well I rise at 2:45 am. I get to the office play at approximately three o'clock in the morning. I will make myself a little coffee to wake up a bit. I'll focus one hour in the morning on reading, mind feeding and doing some courses. Today as an example while I watched a little documentary on Warren Buffett on Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. I then also do my vision, I visualize where I want the company to be, where I want to be and I always look at a couple of pictures of where I started from in 2005 to where I've come so it always makes me feel grateful, puts me in the right frame of mind. I'll always put a break in between that and listen to a song or two because it always puts me in a good state of mind and I watch a motivational clip or two. Then I'll do I have maybe one or two hours worth of emailing before anyone gets into the office which is approximately 8:30 and a couple of days a week I'll probably leave a little bit early. Go take my daughter to school and come back at 9.

Despite only getting a maximum of 5 hours of sleep every day, Christofi is always eager to wake up early in the morning to work on his company and his passions.

I'll go to bed anywhere from nine-thirty to eleven-thirty. Usually, the latter because I have four children as well. 

I'm unique in that sense I have a ridiculous amount of energy every single day. I'm excited to get up in the morning so I actually love what I do. So every day, I'm just passionate to get to the office and when I get home I see my wife and four kids and it's exactly the same feeling so I do it very easily is the simple answer. People go “how do you function?”. I function very well at 110 per cent for most of the day. But I also energy manage so when I’m at my most productive which is in the morning I do things that require more energy like thinking which are transformational things and towards the end of the day which will be two-three 4 o'clock, I'll do more transactional things like have meetings. So depending on when I energy manage is when I'll do my visualization when I do things that are very very important for my company to go forward or for my visions to go forward. 

Christofi has not always been an early riser but had been a dedicated and hard-worker since a young age.

I wasn't always an early riser. I was always just an extremely hard worker. I started working, the first job I had was at the age of 10 in Cyprus when I lived in Cyprus and I used to sell scratches for my uncle. He’d give me 32 scratches on consignment which I had to pay for 30 and 2 was my profit. So at a young age, I was working and trying to make money so my first job started at 10. 

After spending most of his childhood in Australia, Christofi moved with his family to Cyprus.

Well, I grew up in Kilo which is in the western suburbs and I lived there for nine years. Both my parents are from Cyprus so from 9 to 16 I moved to Cyprus and from 16 onwards I've lived the rest of my life in Australia. 

Both my parents are Cyprinian and my mum's family predominantly lives over there. She does have one brother here but both my mother and father come from big families, seven to eight siblings and I have a first cousin so we have family there. The short answer and my mother always wanted to go back.  She is extremely close to her family.

And that kind of makes senses why you want a big family as well. Is that right?

They usually say you want what you come from. I came, I’m the youngest of four. But I think kids are everything. They’re your wealth, they’re your legacy and there is nothing nicer for me than going home and seeing your wife and your kids and spending time with them, seeing them grow. 

He completed most of his education in Cyprus with a particular interest in mathematics.

I did most of my schooling there. I went to a private English school. I wasted a lot of my father's money going there.

I was never really interested in school. My mind was always off doing other things because I wanted to get out I the workforce and just to do things so I was always two, three years behind the rest of the class with the exception of maths. I always had an affinity for numbers and it was something that I had a passion about. I was actually one of the best in my whole school at maths everything else I was probably two years behind everyone. 

Christofi returned to Australia just to finish his education.

I went to a private English school in Cyprus and they did A-levels which is, they actually do Year 13 which is university preparation. I came before that and I did my VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) in Australia so I finished my VCE here with the lowest possible honours. 

After finishing his VCEs, Christofi attended TAFE and studied as a computer technician while working several part-time jobs.

When I finished school I didn't get very high grades. And then I went to TAFE, I did two years in a TAFE in Broadmeadows as a computer technician while I was deciding what I wanted to do. I was playing snooker a lot and I had three jobs at that time while I was studying while working. 

Even before working at his first full-time job, Christofi’s only goal was to run a business.

Look what I was doing is I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I know that I wanted, at a very young age I knew I wanted to run a business, at the age of 20 and I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur that I knew as an eight-year-old and I knew that I wanted to be successful. That was a drive that I had as a very young kid. 

When I did computers it was more I wasn't sure what I was going to do. And then I did a number of sales roles which was kind of since a 10-year old I did I work for fast-way couriers, I did door to door. I did telemarketing for holiday concepts you name it in sales I probably did it.

Christofi was introduced to the property industry applying as a salesperson in a property development company and slowly grew interested in property with a push from his father.

So when I was 19 there was an ad in the paper this sales professional wanted. And I remember the ad clearly it was 90 000 dollars plus do you have a car. Do you have a fax? I said yes yes call this number so I called the number. I remember the lady who answered the phone at been with Robin when I was talking to and she said to me how old are you. I said I'm 19. Said to me you're too young. I said, “please please don't ring up the phone let me come and see and then you can say no to my face please let me come”. She said Okay. So that's when I got my first interview and that was in real estate. I worked for a Brisbane based development. I was 19 years of age. So when I had the interview the guy presented what he did to me he said. Chris what do you think. I said I'll be honest with you. I don't make this thing commercial or residential property. If you give me a chance I'll be your best guy within three months. Long story short he did, I worked extremely hard. I always had an ability to sell and connect with people and I never looked back ever since. 

So that's kind of how I got into the property industry. My father also gave me my first deposit. Cause I was 19 and he gave all of us a thirty thousand dollar deposit as a wedding present, I wasn't married at the time. I said to my father who knows when I'm going to get married can I have the thirty thousand now. That said why do you want it. I said I want to buy a car. He said no. You find the property, I'll give you the money Chris. Which was another reason why I was looking for a job in the property field? That alongside with what I said. So then I found the job I bought my first property when I was 19 in Tweed for 139 000  which I sold a few years later and I made about 160 170 thousand profit on it. So that's how I started in the property industry, with my dad's guidance and my dad's push and seeing that ad and once I started getting involved in property at 19, I've never looked back. It's been a passion ever since. 

Watching his parents’ different views on property and wealth-building, Christofi was motivated at a young age to get into the property.

I just became obsessed with learning about real estate, about helping people because I saw my father for many years which was a big reason as well, it also helped me. My father was a sceptical man and his father, my dad's father was a very hard worker. Would never get credit, basically died with not much. 

My mother's father was a butcher and he gave my mother had actually nine siblings one of impossible age. He gave all of his kid's real estate and land. So he knew that that was the way to go so he would tell all of my mother and her brothers and sisters you need to buy property. My dad's father was a very sceptical and cynical man, he did nothing. So long story short my mother would say to my dad buy property buy property my dad was so sceptical and scared. It took him many many years to make that jump. When my father eventually bought his second property and third and fourth investments that's when my dad started to make his wealth and I saw both of the dynamics, my parents, not really going anywhere financially. 

Of course, they raised four kids and doing a great job but then when he started buying real estate because I don't know if this is for all backgrounds but ethnic women nags and nags and they’re always going to get the better of you so she eventually chipped my father down and my father did it and then my dad started to make money. I saw the whole transition as a kid so when I was young, to my father not investing to my father investing I saw the whole transition. So between that, me getting a job and getting the 30000 and 19-year-olds that wasit. I've never looked back ever since I've been in the industry now since 1999.

Christofi believes that he hasn’t had any particularly bad investing moments, only mistakes that have led to lessons for him to learn from.

I have bought properties and they didn't all do well. I did duplicate that process at the age of 24 I had eight properties so I duplicated that process successfully, I did buy some properties and that didn't appreciate as much as others in value which were lessons which I learnt which was for a number of reasons. And they tend to have been somewhat interstate which was in Queensland which didn't have a lot of supporting infrastructure and things like that. Some had a lot of small investors, not a lot of percentage of owner-occupiers in it, apartments as well as much as houses in my own experience and also in my current experience through selling real estate. So like I always say to everyone you haven't got a crystal ball you can't get it right 100 per cent of the times but if you did most of the things right and you tick all the boxes, you make sure there's infrastructure there's migration there's schools, there are shopping centres and there's these jobs supply and demand, those things will underpin the growth and obviously there's a lot of other factors that contribute to that. Where is the market at, where is the economy at, where’s the interest rates at? So there's a lot of, no one's got a crystal ball. 

So when they say to me where do you think the market’s at exactly I say to them that's how long was a piece of string? I can tell you what I do know and I answer it that way. 

But if he was to pinpoint any particular scenario, Christofi has two to share.

One of them I bought an apartment many years ago when I had it all go south and it was a million and 60. The irony of that is it's in the current building I’m living at today I bought an apartment on the road. I was unable to settle it because I had a lot of things go wrong financially for me and I put a hundred and six thousand dollars down as 10 per cent deposit. I lost that deposit. I was unable to settle it so that was due to personal circumstance.

And from the second situation, Christofi learned always have full control of a process before proceeding with any transactions.

The other question that you asked me did I have an area… yes, I bought an area that had a lot of proposed things that were going to happen in Queensland, they never happened. They never eventuate and I was also an NRAS property which stands for national rental affordability scheme. Now when you rent that property you got to go through a consortium which means you don't have the freedom to go through any agency you want, it's got to be what consortium's in the area. So that obviously created challenges with the tenants that I had, the social-economic demographics of who is renting it was different, they damage the property I was in, I ended up selling it for a loss. 

So in that instance it was not having control of the full process, not understanding all the facts were the main things that contributed to that decision and that was probably one of the worst investments that I made. 

Likewise, Christofi does not have one particular a-ha moment, rather his property journey has been filled with many valuable lessons learned.

I worked for a few companies as I saw what they could do and I did a lot of courses, a lot of education and I know that I saw people on similar incomes and one of them seemingly had more wealth from the other because they made good decisions, they spoke to the right people. And most of the investors in it was over at the time I think it was 73 to 100 minutes in the country did its real estate. So all these learnings that I was doing were towards real estate. When a bank will give you 80 90 per cent against something as security that goes to tell you that it's pretty safe because a bank obviously knows how to manage and mitigate risk. So did I have one aha moment? No. I had many of them but I kind of had a clear vision that property was where I wanted to be at a young age. After seeing my father getting into the market at 19 and obviously having a passion for the industry like I do today have 39 years of age I turn in October I still have the same passion I did when I was 19. If not more then. 

Let's jump into your journey about investing in more properties as you mentioned at age twenty-five. If I'm not mistaken you had already bought eight properties. So where were you at at the moment in your journey because it has been probably what 14 years since 25. You would have accumulated more properties or what have you done since that time. 

I've obviously set up a number of businesses since then. I did accumulate properties I had arms, I've got this stage right along 20 properties personally but obviously I've also focused on many of my business interests because I have more than just real estate now. I'm looking at setting up different businesses as I've mentioned before I go around Australia with my company, the number one sponsor in the country and has been since 2010. So I have a lot of other interests that I'm following as well. I have other investments too. Yeah, my journey was always had multiple properties and I believe having a lot of your money in real estate is safe. 

So depending on I guess your age and where you’re at, it would be how much you would have in your investment portfolio I guess. 

But what has been the core reason behind Christofi’s motivation to invest and run so many businesses?

Security. I wanted my kids to have opportunities that… I had opportunities but to have a life or they could go to the school they choose, to live in the area that they wanted. So my father giving me that money was the catalyst to my beginning but it wasn't the actual money that helped me, it was the condition for that money that helped me. 

Since you buy a car here have a condition that you've got to buy the property and that turned out really well for you. 

It's the old attitude if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day if you teach him how to fish he eats the rest of his life. 

That's kind of the same principle. And because I was a product of that and I understood that clearly, I can talk to you and say that with 100 per cent conviction. I believe that because as I've gone through it. 

Out of his 11 businesses, Christofi is currently most invested in his business the Reventon Group, with many of his smaller businesses intertwined into the brand.

Reventon Group has sold billions of dollars worth of real estate will help thousands of Australians. That's what I'm passionate about now. All of them kind of intertwine. It’s kind of 11 businesses, yes, but one of them, as I said, I have a few other interests but eight to nine of those businesses are all intertwined into Reventon. Now, yes I'm passionate about that. If I was to say my mission statement which basically says it all, we serve, we grow protect and preserve the financial future and legacy of families under our care. And our vision through that company to become the first choice of Australian families in creating, building and protecting our wealth now and for generations to come. So those things are something that I look at and read on a daily basis and I take extremely serious.

The name Reventon encompasses all of Christofi’s ideals and ambitions towards business.

Reventon is actually the name of a bull and it actually came to the car as well but not where I got the name from. I love the symbol of the bull because a bull symbolizes growth, strength, a bull obviously has horns which means it's sharp and has intuition and a bull’s horn grows yeah.

The original logo I had was a shield and I liked what that symbolised because you need to work hard to protect and show you what you've worked so hard to achieve. You need to protect it with both hands. Now my own logo has evolved into a different bull and it's a 3D looking bull and if you figure if you pick it up upside down it will be a map of Australia which is not many people would see that but it means it means a lot to me. What what did it mean that's a bull basically been growth and strength and it came the origin of it came from obviously a car but I like what it symbolized on the shield. And now it's evolved into what it is now. 

That is also that's amazing how you came up with that concept of making it into. 

Well, it was a clever design, I just had to pay the bill but that means a lot because what if you walk into my office all across the glass there are these triangles with the insides of the bull. I've got company cars which is the sides of these bulls. 

There's a teal colour which is a calming healing colour which goes all across my windows everything is branded whether it be my shirts, my cufflinks, my bottles of wine. I give chocolates to my plunge in the shape of a bull. There are wallets, the brand is very important to us and it means something. 

CEO Chris Christofi on the most efficient ways to make money and doing charity work

Chris Christofi How to Make Money

Christofi believes that the best way to invest is to make calculated, well-researched decisions, rather than making emotion-driven purchases.

The first thing that I do, well anyone should do is ascertain what your safe foreign capacity is. Not what the bank says you can borrow, what you can afford to borrow because the biggest mistake or the most common mistake that I see people make is they over-leverage and they borrow too much money or they become emotional buyers which means they want to buy in their local area because they can see the house and they feel comfortable. When you're looking at investing in real estate or in anything, it should be a logical buy, not an emotional one. So when you're looking at your own area, you’re not looking all around Australia you're limiting yourself to the opportunities that could be around.

Christofi has several mentors to teach him about both real estate and business so that he can guarantee success in property investment for both himself and his clients.

I have many mentors, I'll mention and I have many role models. I've had the privilege of meeting Mark Borris on a few occasions. I have an uncle who's in real estate who's worth more than 100 million and I have a lot of friends that are worth hundreds of millions. So I've had a number of mentors. I personally have a coach as well who's a business coach and I have mentors that develop and things like that, that I meet on a regular basis to teach me things because you've got to sharpen your axe at every stage to keep getting better. So I practised business every single day. I read, I research and I speak to people that have been there and done that. So I find it important for my clients that they know they're dealing with someone that's up to date with what's going on at the market. But that's also always upskilling himself because it's very important. If you're dealing with me I want to make sure that you're upskilling yourself and you have the most up to date knowledge.

The best advice he’s ever received, however, has been from his father.

Invest first and pay people smarter than you to give you advice. My father said that he goes to make sure you surround yourself with people smarter than yourself. That was very easy for me cause I was never the brightest in school. So it was easier for me. Don’t be scared to be around smart people. 

Christofi however, does not listen to just everyone - only taking on board the advice from investors with proven successful track records.

When you speak to anybody whether it be me or anyone for advice. Show me your track record and show me what you have done because I can tell you I know a lot of people and not naming any names, I know a lot of people that speak about doing this this this and that, that might not be accurate or might be fabricated. Have you done this? Show me. Show me exactly how much you've done. How much have you made, when you’re making a statement and you need help x thousand, you've sold a billion of this, you've got 11 companies, show me. I can show all those things but for me when you're choosing a mentor or someone to get advice from, they said they could do it. Show me you're living proof, you live and breathe it. You're a product of the product and you're passionate about it and you can do it. Then I'll listen to you. 

Christofi is always aware of what can cause capital growth in a property.

The steps that I do is I buy things that I can afford and I look at things that can underpin the growth of it. What's the infrastructure like? What's the supply and demand? Is there a lot of jobs in the area? What's the population growth there?

What is the transport like? What're the walks for the closest amenity? These are all the research things that I do before I buy but also for my clients before I present them with opportunities. So if you buy light investments and this was a thing that I kept asking myself and I go to seminars, I've done so many of them and I present them myself. Why do the people that are in similar situations in Sydney NSW have one property and why do people have three or four. The answer is they buy the right properties which mean they do their research. How much can I borrow? What if it's not rented? Can I afford interest rate rise? And getting the right information is paramount to you being able to duplicate that process. Because over leveraging means you're going to put a big halt on your ability to keep borrowing again and going again. 

He was able to purchase several investment properties quickly through his good saving habits and sheer hard work. 

I did it in two ways obviously when I was selling a lot of real estates, I had a good disposable income which obviously helped me buy a lot of real estates but also when you're looking at areas that are growing a little bit faster you can obviously leverage out a bit quicker. So that when I was buying real estate that I could afford three, four hundred thousand at the time because obviously now they are a lot more expensive and I was putting as much as I can, I was working hard to save, there's no magical formula on how you can buy multiple properties. 

It's just I did it through sheer hard work, saving a lot of money and just knowing my numbers and not spending. If I was making a thousand or living a lifestyle of 100 or 200 most people live outside their means, or they spend more money than they should. I was making sure that I did one thing when I was a youngster, I remember my mentor said to me “Chris would you like to spend more than you earn?” And I said “yes”. I go to him “How do I do that?” “You need to learn to invest first”. So what he was trying to teach me, make sure you invest your money. If you can do one thing with your money, make sure you invest it. So how was I able to successfully duplicate that process. I was making sure that I was buying I could afford. I was doing a lot of due diligence in the areas that I would buying and I was able to duplicate it a lot quicker due to my disposable income as well and my saving habits. 

While it is generally common sense that investment leads to great wealth, Christofi notes that not many people know of this process.

Common sense isn’t that common. There is a book I read 30 years ago called Richest Man in Babylon and the whole premise of that book is pay yourself first which means make sure you invest a little bit of your money each paycheck and that's the whole thing about that book. 

And if you couple that with investing no matter what you work, you'll become wealthy if you keep duplicating that process. Because what happens is you build momentum. You build leverage, two three four properties become easier because you built more cash flow. People think having more debt sometimes is harder. It depends is a good debt or is bad. What sort of debt have you got? That's the question. It's not like buying a car or buying an asset. Now you mention markets as well and the economy, no matter where the market is - it's a bold statement I stand by this wholeheartedly, no matter where the market is there's always opportunities. You just need to find them. You need to buy the right in certain areas.

Now the areas that I was dealing with was 4 to 700000. 

They were the best areas when it comes to affordability because no matter where the market is, up down or sidewards people have to live somewhere and people need to invest. That was the last property bracket price that was affected in the marketplace conditions for the 700000, cause people still need to invest, they still have to live somewhere. And one thing that's going to never change no matter where the market is, people will still be paying tax so they need to minimise their tax and people still need to save money to retire. So Those two things are never going to change. That means you need to start investing no matter where the market is. That’s what I tell my clients as well. 

Out of all the property investment strategies, Christofi prefers to buy and hold.

There’s a number of strategies when it comes to investing in property. There’s the buy and hold. There's the buy, renovate and sell and obviously developing. I've never renovated and sold. I’m not that way inclined, I’m the total opposite of what I had it to what it would look like and be. I can't even pick up a brush, I’m that bad. So I’ve never. Buy and hold is my strategy and also developing. It’s a passion I've had since day one, I actually was very happy to buy my first development site this year which I'm putting two houses. And one of my goals in the near future you start developing. That's kind of was my plan from day dot and now when the businesses are getting to the point where it is, it is something that I would really venture into, you know to grab the bull by the horns.

Christofi has researched and done all the due diligence in preparation for his start into development. 

I have a lot of faith in the developers and builders. So I like to know a lot of things so I ask a lot of questions and I want to research. I’ve got a block of land now and currently am planning to with a friend of mine that I’m going to build two houses on. And so I've done the diligence of the sites and I've sat and my friends have gone through the whole process with me because I believe getting the knowledge and seeing the process is very very important especially when they're developing because it's a yes, you hear a lot of good stories about people making a lot of money if you're doing it correctly. I've also heard a lot of people have lost a lot of money too. 

"When you built something special, I feel you can to make a bigger difference - you can build a legacy"
-Chris Christofi

As an avid reader, Christofi has many books he’d like to recommend to our listeners on the investment side and also on the business side.

I'll mention some of the books I started with because it will tell you some of the books I read. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, that’s an older book which is very good. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill had a profound effect on me. Cashflow Quadrant which is a part to Rich Dad Poor Dad. Richest Man in Babylon is a fantastic book. Of all the business books that I was reading, Billionaire Underdog which is by JT Fox is someone you can coach from. I'm currently reading a book called High-Performance Habits and I've got two other books I'm going to read after which I've always got a few that… Questions are the Answers by Alan Pease. The books that I traditionally read are personal growth books, I've read a couple of travel books as well. 

Anthony Robbins books and I also read books on sales and interesting ways to running businesses but I like watching documentaries like in the morning when I watch the Warren Buffet, the Elon Musk, the Jeff Bezos, one I love listening to people that are that innovative and clever. Also you know Steve Jobs, people that think different, they think massive. There's a lot of good books. 

Christofi accredits his success to simply his passion.

Being relentless and having passion. You cannot put anything in front of me that I won't overcome. I have that belief in me. I'll chip away chip away chip till I make it happen. 

If he could go back to 10 years ago, this is what he would say to himself.

Be a little bit more thoughtful. I always focus on my team and the team around me. Stop putting circles into squares, if someone has got that ability when you need to, like what, Jack Welsh is another great person to read. You need to make sure that you get the right person doing the right job at the right time. If you’re going to grow your business or your team or even with your habits, you are who you hang around with. So I try to hang around myself with people that are positive, that inspire me. If people are negative or they just give me the wrong energy I don't entertain it. I just go my own way. Not in agreement, I move on. Ten years ago I used to entertain or try to convince them otherwise I just yeah. 

So what would I say to myself 10 years ago? Be a bit more thoughtful about who I hang around with, focus on your team which is something that I do a lot better now and that's probably the two main things and get a lot more coaching, study more. 

Christofi also has many things he is excited for in the near future...

Looking at the opening, four-five more offices, potentially one in New Zealand. I want to run snooker in the country, speak internationally. Open a house, land division, subdivide land, townhouses boutique apartments. I can reel them off, one after the other but I'll only do them in order when one’s complete and I've got the right people then I'll move on. So I'm that excited about what's ahead of me that I wish I had more time during the day because my day goes in two minutes it might be 15 or 17 18 hours some days but it goes like two minutes. So I'm excited about a lot of things in the future potentially getting into the developing sooner in the next two years will be. And opening more offices, reaching more people and being able to change, like when you have someone come up and say you've changed my life, you've shown me how to invest, you’ve made X money for me, that gives me an extra 4, 5 years of my life makes me want to get up even earlier the next day. Makes me want to get even better and give better information.

With the success of his company, Christofi never forgets to give some of his profits to charity.

When you built something special, I feel you can to make a bigger difference you can build a legacy. I was involved in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout this year for the first time and I raised over 40000 dollars and the feeling that they gave me to be able to do that for homeless people was just something that made me very very proud. I’ve aligned with other clubs... raised that the 10000 a year. I want to get to a million dollars in donations. And then I want to get to the next level, that excites me. 

Chris Christofi how to make money

Participating in the Vinnies CEO Sleep-Out added a new dimension to Christofi’s perspective on his monetary power.

I've always been empathetic to everyone that I meet because I've always got the belief that we’re all human beings. It's a set of circumstances that have put people on the street, it’s where they grew up, it's their family background, it could be whatever. I don't particularly think anyone is in a position to judge anyone. 

Well, I think you should help someone if you see someone. It’s always been a thing that I've been passionate about but I never - my family would know. So I would never walk past someone on the street and not acknowledge or give them something whether that be money or food. In most cases I'd give them both but someone goes Chris you need to do this and I say I don't want to do it and they go why. It’s because I don't like doing something for the wrong reasons. So I didn't like Facebook and social media. The first time I went on Facebook or Facebook live was for the Vinnies CEO sleepout and to come in the top 1 per cent we came twelfth out of 1463 CEOs with a small organisation with 50 people. There are people with five and a half thousand people have got over 150000 88000. To be able to have that impact, for me really made it something special. I'm in the process now which I'm not going to talk too much about doing something that hasn't been done before. 

And the idea to be able to execute it is amazing and I'm waiting on the galleries around them it's. When people say to me, they go why do you do what you do. It’s because I feel I can do it. I feel responsible while I've got this energy, to employ as many people as I can, to send my message out to as many people as I can, to help as many people as I can and to push as much charity as I can. So while I have this ability, I feel responsible because I can do it and I want to do it. 

How much of your success do you think is because of skill and intelligence and hard work or and how much of it is because of luck?

I don't believe in luck but I believe you create luck. Having said that if you speak to anybody that knows me they will tell you I’m the luckiest person on this planet but I’ll tell you something I believe with every fibre of my being that I am. 

Because it's all energy. Good energy out, good energy back. If you put money in the right area, I’ve always been surrounded with money because I don't focus on money, I focus on other things. So I've never been the smartest person but I'll tell you one thing you'll find it very hard to find someone that's driven, more ambitious, more tenacious and relentless. And I'm talking about any human being when it comes to intelligence or whatever my skill set but knowing what I want and being relentless to go towards that. I'll back myself against any person. 

For our listeners who would like to learn more about Christofi or want to enquire about property investment, he is active on his email, Facebook and LinkedIn.

They can connect with me on through my main website You can even send me an e-mail direct which is [email protected] or look me up on LinkedIn or Facebook at Chris Christofi. More than happy to assist, talk to anybody and do whatever I can for them. 

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