Cate Bakos - Buyers Advocate Buys Property On A Small Salary

Cate Bakos, a Buyers Advocate in Melbourne has had her fair share of ups and downs throughout her property investment journey. But what sets her apart is her ability to quickly analyse, break down, and learn from these erroneous decisions. 

As a recipient of Sterling Publishing’s ‘high commendation’, a finalist for Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year, and a National Winner of the Buyer’s Agent of the Year, Bakos has proved the worth of these critical lessons. 

In this podcast Cate Bakos and host Tyrone Shum will discuss the lessons learnt throughout her journey, and how you can use her experiences to improve your own portfolio choices. 

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Buy and Hold

Create Positive Cash Flow Through Property

Have you ever been too scared to make a decision in your property investment journey? Perhaps you weren’t sure about the location, or the amount of work the property needed. Perhaps it all just happened too quickly, and you let an opportunity slip through your fingers. 

In this podcast Cate Bakos will teach you how to overcome that fear, and improve your overall portfolio. Listen up and you’ll learn how to know how much negative cash flow you can sustain, how a bank views you, and how to adjust your rent intake to suit your property investing style 

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If you do miss out on due diligence it can bite you so it's vital that you've got a small checkbox.
- Cate Bakos

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Cate Bakos property are an experienced team of four professionals, located in Melbourne’s inner-west and proudly offering a range of property acquisition services and specialities for our loyal client base. Our previous academic and career backgrounds are diverse; from Chemistry to Public Service, Property Management to Corporate Travel, but our dedication to the property industry and client-care, and our ability to work effectively as a high-achieving, cognitive team separates us from our competitors.
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There are all types of things that can throw our day into absolute haywire, so we’re often talking to buyers about what we’re short listing or what we’re recommending they do. 
- Cate Bakos

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