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When Handler started his career in development, he had no idea where it would lead him. However, after a fateful meeting with his current business partner - Simon Collins - Handler was able to start one of Australia’s most ground-breaking buyers agency, Cohen Handler. 

Now with a $14 million property portfolio and two businesses to run, Handler is constantly learning more about the property industry and sharing his knowledge with other investors. Listen to this episode to as Handler shares his day-to-day tasks, the highs and lows of his property journey thus far and reveals details to his property investment strategy.

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How Ben Handler Keeps Himself De-Stressed And Focused In The Busy World Of Property Investment

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In this episode with Ben Handler, we take a new spin on things by interlinking Handler’s property investment strategy with how he manages to lead a healthy and fruitful lifestyle. Handler shares his love for yoga and how it helps him reign in the stress that comes with running one of Australia’s biggest buyers agency. 

He also shares some decision making tips, his future goals with his new business - the Buyers Agency Institute, and his ongoing goal to encourage more Australians to become buyers agents and how it is a rewarding and worthwhile career path.

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The Buyers Agent Institute shares cutting edge systems, training and support. Providing incredible connections and opportunities for anyone who wants to join the industry and grow their career as a Buyer’s Agent.
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They say the company you build is the team you build.
- Ben Handler

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