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Top Ways To Achieve Success Investing in Australia Property

Updated 23/04/2018

Property investor and author of It’s Just The Beginning, Joe Dirani will take you on his journey from aspiring architectural drafter to the discovery of his ‘why’, which would enable him to provide for his family when all seemed lost.

Uncover the inspiration behind Dirani’s success, how he was able to begin investing in property while supporting himself through his café business, why serviceability is everything in Australia's market today and how he learned to sell to the open market through investing in ‘house and land’.

Dirani fills his days by speaking to everyday Australians and sharing his strategy for property investing with them so that they can achieve their goals.  

“Anything is possible with the right mindset, right principles and philosophies. Surrounding yourself with the right people is very important.”

-Joe Dirani

I connect with everyday Australians, show them specific ways and strategies to successfully build a property portfolio. To enable them to retire comfortably so that they can build the nest egg that they desire and deserve. 

Dirani published a book called ‘It’s just the beginning’.

It's all about the strategies, the decisions and the choices that have had to come about to get me to where I am now. 

The book aims to show people the possibilities and about my life,  how I'm getting to that next stage in life, how I can inspire, impact and empower others to do the same thing. The message is that anything is possible with the right mindset, right principles and philosophies. Surrounding yourself with the right people is very important. 

He grew up in Western Sydney. Straight after high school, he sought out work experience instead of education. This worked for him in the long run. 

I was born and raised in Penrith, Western Sydney, Australia. 

Dirani went to high school in Western Sydney but did not finish high school. He believes that life experience is more important than a university degree. 

I’m the eldest of six kids. I actually didn't finish high school.

 I knew that I wasn't going to get the grades to get into university to become a civil engineer. I decided that by understanding steel, boilermaker welding I could then become a draftsperson in some way shape or form. So that’s what I did. I actually left two to three months prior to the HSC. I know this probably sounds silly to a lot of your listeners but at the end of the day it’s not about what piece of paper tells, it's about life experiences and what you have learnt along the way. 

Dirani started his career working as a boilermaker/welder but he found a sense of enjoyment and job satisfaction when it came to drawing. This enabled him to be an all-rounder employee and helped secure jobs. 

As a boilermaker/welder, you work with heavy structural steel, for example, all the large beams and so on. It’s actually been a long time since I've worked in that field. That's where I started. I actually enjoyed the drawing side of things. I was able to get a good job as a  boilermaker, making handrails and staircases. I discovered I was actually good at reading the drawings myself. 

As he discovered his skill in property drawings and saw first hand the fruits of his work as a boilermaker/welder, this is what led Dirani to become interested in property investing. 

My father built our dream home, he spent a lot of time and energy doing that.  I was going through the drawings he actually designed with the architect. My interest was always more or less in the drawings and architectural drafting side of things. I did work experience in year 11 with an architectural firm. I  enjoyed using some of the programs that they used. 

He got work experience in an architectural firm during high school, after that he went into boiler making. He then became a drafter. 

That's when the story does finally glue together. So what happened to us,  I'm coming into my final six months of architectural drafting course and was about to be credited as a drafter. However, 2008 came around very quickly. When I was 18 I hit a brick wall so to speak. My father and I decided to go into business together. I decided that I wanted to be my own boss and work with him rather than work for other people. I still continued with drafting. 

However, the  GFC hit and my father unfortunately overextended himself financially. We then got hit with over a million-dollar loss. We pretty much lost absolutely everything. I viewed my parents differently after that, they were on a pedestal up until then. We had a big beautiful house in Penrith, everything was going well from the outside. When the GFC hit, it hit us really really hard. We walked away from that business.

When the GFC hit Dirani’s family, they lost a substantial amount of money and were forced to walk away from their business. He sees this experience as a blessing in disguise. 

I mean that's where my story really starts and at least in the initial beginning, I was very scared. 

At the time, I felt like I was the victim and my father was the victim. I questioned ‘Why us?’ I thought that this wasn’t meant to happen, I started to point the finger at other things,  other people. I had to very quickly become the ‘man of the household’. I had to really step up and take responsibilities and pressures off my parents. That was probably the toughest and lowest point of my life. In hindsight, it was actually a blessing in disguise. You can grab the book to find out more. 

Despite the bad experience faced by Dirani and his family, he made a conscious decision to face the music and to not run away from his problems. 

I'm not talking about our loss as ‘one of the biggest losses’ and so on and so forth. There are a lot of other people out there who are facing hardship and financial stress. There are people out there that are not eating so to speak so I don't want the listeners to think  ‘poor us.’ 

At the time it happened, I started saying things like: ‘I’m never going to be successful, never going to have good things, never going to be able to do things freely.’ I had to step up without me realising. because I had two options, I can run away or I can step up and be a man. As an 18  year old, thankfully I was guided in that direction I was given that chance to step up and help my family. 

So basically, in short, I got a  job as a barista/ kitchen hand in a restaurant.  I was earning $600 per week. I was giving $560 to my father so that we can keep the house. A few months down the track basically, an opportunity came up for us. Through My Dad and one of his networks. Mind you nobody helped us in that slump. It was us. That's it. There was nobody to turn to, nobody was there to help.

For Dirani this opportunity represented a way to move forward and to change his family’s life. 

australia property

Basically I thought about the opportunity. It was actually a big, big change because we had to move you know four or five hours away from where we grew up. So it was going to cut us off from our lifestyle. It was a big decision. Thank God we took on this deal and without jumping into too much detail, it wasn't as fruitful or as good as it looked. It was the only opportunity that was going to enable us to financially, keep our heads above water. 

The other blessing was that I had to mature very quickly because I  was away from family and friends. I had to look after that business, to take responsibility without that experience. I had to literally go in blind. My father says that he was there to support my mum. However, my Dad said to me that he was asleep over the two years we owned that business. It was just depression hit him, that  fear grappled him. When you have six kids and a mortgage and everything was on top of him so. So here he was there but he wasn't. 

Initially thinking they bought into a great opportunity, it was supposed to help them create a life they wanted.

It was a supermarket/ friendly grocer sort of a chain, like IGA but on a smaller scale. So that's the opportunity that came up and at first, it was a good deal. We thought ‘great this is going to help us rebuild and what not’. Unfortunately even that wasn't the case, that is where my life took a turn because at the time I was 19/20 years old. I started to ask that question properly, not ‘Why is this happening to us?’ but ‘Why am I here? 

‘Why’ is the most powerful question that you can ask yourself. It’s one of the most profound questions because it has got me to where I am today and will determine where I'm going in the future. 

By asking himself ‘Why’ Dirani used this line of questioning to reevaluate his life and goals. It worked in his favour.

At first, I didn't know why, but I started to research and look at other things. I found that enough personal development literally was there in front of me. I just had to search for it. When you're searching for that ‘why’ that's pretty much how you endeavour to find yourself and as silly as that sounds that is the truth. I came across a book called ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill.  

Definitely, a lot of our guests actually recommend that too. 

Absolutely. This is the truth and what actually happened to me. Basically the book was talking about finding your purpose, defining who you are and why you’re put on this planet and so on and so forth. We've got a bigger purpose to serve than just to be a human being i.e to wake up, go to sleep, go to work, pay your bills and so on and so forth. 

That was the questioning  I started giving myself. My purpose is to inspire, empower and positively impact millions of people's lives around the globe and around Australia. Showing them that anything's possible because I have been on the other side of the coin.

I've seen the tough hardship of not being successful not being you know your ‘true self‘ not being able to fulfil your dream, life purpose, whether it's through your career or being as a father or whatever the case may be. For me I want to show that like that anything is possible because to cut the story short, eight years down the track I'm now a successful property investor. My family are now two times where they were when they lost everything. It's not because of me, it's because of the drive and the ‘why’ that was strong. I was able to help not just my parents,  my sister my brother in law. To be that role model that I always dreamt of being. 

It started to go above and beyond that and start impacting people on a bigger scale. When I got back to Sydney, I bought myself a café. In that café, thanks to personal development, my life, my drive, thanks to having that push from God knows where to enable me to be where I am now, where I'm headed and how I can inspire others to do the same thing. To have the right mindset, the right mentality and the right philosophies and the right principles to follow and pursue their goals. That is basically why the ‘why’ questioning is so profound. 

Dirani got started into property investing from the business he owned. He was reluctant at first due to his prior experiences. 

I thought the property that my old man built and had a very rough look at it. I actually felt that property was the reason why we went into such a deep financial hole. So at first property wasn’t my ideal vehicle to start investing. You know you know a lot of money into it. However, once I got back to Sydney and I bought my café Actually I will share this little side note here. 

When I moved back to Sydney we were in debt for about roughly about a hundred thirty thousand dollars. That was a bad debt. And with the House debt and so on and so forth I told my dad I'll take that debt off you so that you can then wake up and wake up. With all due respect right it wasn't just like your wake up dad. It was you know so that he can you know look after the rest of the kids and so that I can you know get us out of this hole. That was my promise to him and the family and to myself. Basically I had to take on that debt. Mind you, I'm 21 years of age. I felt like my life was going away from me. I felt like I was 41. Hence why I decided that I wanted to get married and settle down and really get into you know into life, my journey and so on and so forth. But anyway that was just a side note sort of digressing. 

It's okay. That's great 

Yes. So with $120,000 dollars debt that was the deal with my Dad.  I got into more debt and thanks to my beautiful wife who had accepted me at my ultimate low financially. We borrowed some money and bought a cafe out in the Blue Mountains in NSW. That cafe gave us the extra cash flow and growth to be able to pay off all these debts within two and a half years.

Within 2.5 years Dirani was able to pay to buy his dad’s house from him and pay off $600,000 worth of debt.

Since then, I started to see a lot of extra cash flow and what I did as I was fixed up my books as you do so that you can get money from banks. While I had 2 and a half years in the café I was heavily in indulging in and diving into personal development like you wouldn't believe. 

I was looking at other models of creating wealth. I was looking into network marketing models. 

I was looking into shares and property. I was looking into everything that was going to enable me to grow a lot faster because I felt like I deserved more. I felt like I needed to do more, because of that ‘why’, that drive, I started to learn about myself. Basically, once you go to these events and seminars you meet some incredible people. 

I was fortunate enough to meet some people who are involved in the property investment space. I won't mention names or company names but he actually said to me  ‘hey Joe you have to invest in property the right way, the most educated way with the right time. I can show you.’

I was like ‘okay that sounds good’. I got involved in the property and I was able to purchase one or two properties straight off the bat. 

He just showed me ‘how’. Mind you he had to really convince me that this is the right vehicle for me because I was still apprehensive. I didn’t really believe in property investing, up until I met somebody that has been involved in it and who has a property portfolio. He had six-plus properties at the time. I was inspired by the person and I admired where they were at. 

Dirani’s strategy for property investing involves three phases. 

Once I started the first phase, acquisition. Remember this was four years ago. Basically back then it was a little bit easier to gain property or especially with LMI and all that. So 10 per cent deposit and so on. So that's what I'm talking about now. 

The second phase is holding. You've got to be able to hold property and afford, to hold onto the property so that you can really see the benefits long term. 

The third stage is the consolidation phase. I.e your desire to part with your investment portfolio whether you sell off your empire or whatever the case may be. The holding phase is the most important phase. 

I learned that brand new property gives us great depreciation, great tax minimisation or benefits I should say. Also, that brand new property in masterplan communities is where the growth is, because when you look at Sydney it isn’t viable. It’s not affordable and to be able to hold on to cash flow on a weekly basis or monthly basis you're going to be out of pocket just to hold on to the property. 

It makes sense to me that I was investing in the right locations with the right people. So that's been my strategy. Once I put thought into it was then easier because in the Banks' eyes you know my income was growing.

I got involved in the property when I was in my café.  I felt like I was doing really well, saving a good coin (money). I don't need to look for any sort of other business opportunity or anything like that. However, the gentleman actually said to me that he's looking to grow his team and he's looking for somebody like me.

Someone with energy, enthusiasm and passion behind me. Thanks to the ‘why’ that I have. He was actually inspired by that, being a millionaire himself. So for me, that was a no brainer to take on this opportunity. I took up his offer to be part of his company, to be a client as well. I was able to see a few holes that were missing, that I could bring to the table to help grow that business. 

In regards to the two properties. My income grew as well. Serviceability now is more important than how much cash you have in the bank. I'm sorry if this punches a few people in the gut. It's not like it used to be.

australia property

I'm glad that it's not because otherwise, we'll have the same problem that America did. Thank God that we've got all these tight rules and regulations in place so that we don't face this problem like the US, who were giving loans to anybody that can breathe and walk. Serviceability is a big thing. Your income has to grow as your property portfolio does. The strategy is all about the cash flow, holding, where you purchased and how you purchase. 

Dirani shares some of his earlier tougher financial experiences with his father, in relation to his worst property investment moment. 

This comes back to the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. I can't stress that enough. I don't want to say it's all been sunshine and roses. There are always hurdles when it comes to investing whether it's through the finances, trying to get all the paperwork sorted, settlement dates, selecting the right property or whether it's some delays. The toughest thing that you face is parting with your dollars.

You're not going to be able to pull it out as quickly as you have in your account. That's a big big thing. I'm not saying that's a ‘low’ because it's actually something that we educate, coach and mentor our clients how to do so with confidence. For first time investors who are parting with $80k or $100k thousand dollars is a bit hard to swallow. 

His ‘aha’ moment was that he could purchase a ‘house and land’ package that saved him thousands of dollars by reducing the stamp duty costs. 

When I first entered into the property investing world there was a lot that I didn't know. Especially about established property vs. brand new property. 

The biggest takeaway (besides the depreciation schedule I mean everybody knows that now) is the stamp duties.  That was a big thing for me because, besides the fact that you’ve got stamp duties, you're only paying on the land because it's cheaper.  Although if you're buying a ‘home and land’ package and there was a massive saving. 

I mean there's $15,000 minimum saving here. It doesn't matter where you invest. If you're able to purchase a house and land package and build a full ‘turn-key’ property which is owner-occupied. You’ll be able to sell to the open market, not just to you another investor or just one target market.

You want to be able to sell to the open market, that's when you get your ‘bang for the buck’ so to speak. Then you start to consolidate so that saving was really, really good. 

Now another thing I learnt was leverage, I didn't fully understand that. Even though I was indulging in personal development. They were talking about leverage but I really didn't understand it. 

Leverage is something that we implement in our business today, which is called the four pillars of leverage when it comes to investing in property. When you look at these pillars they're quite profound. Once you start to implement it,  they're not only just in property or investing but in all aspects of your life. You'll be able to create the wealth and success that you deserve in these. It was all around leveraging other people's time, skill, experience and money. That was another big aha moment for investing in property. 

How To Invest in Four Properties in Four Years and Grow Your Land Valuation by $10,000 in Australia

australia property

I've never thought in a million years that I would invest over $60,000 odd in one year just for my personal development and my business coaching. Let me tell you that that investment in me has paid off ten times more in that one space alone. That's how important investing in you is.

To begin with, what was it that held him back from initially investing in property?

My belief around the property was the fact that it was a burden on our family. It was the reason why we went through that shortfall and in a month, it really started to play a big part in my life because I had to start believing what's possible. I had to start believing in the people, I had to start thinking of the positives vs. what's the worst thing that's going to happen. Mind you, there's always that conservative side of your brain where we need to look at those things. But at the end of the day, the most successful, the most wealthy people out there today will tell you that they can make sound, educated, informed decisions by just a pure fact of the belief and gut instinct as well. And having a scale - looking at the pros and cons, not diving into too much detail because that's when you can actually get yourself out of taking a risk. And I believe not taking a risk is far greater than the risk itself and that is what we call the cost of inaction.

So a lot had to go into place about believing in myself, believing in what I can afford to do, believing in what I deserve to have and also how I can achieve it; whether it's property, whether it's business, whether it's whatever the case may be. So definitely that pretty much sums up how I had to quickly start changing, in regards to my mindset.

Dirani sought mentors in order to help him envision, then aim for and progress toward his goals.

So one of the gentlemen that I originally started off with and invested with was someone I looked up to - that's the first thing, I wanted what he had so to speak. And it's not about the material stuff, please don't get me wrong you guys and I'm sure all of you will understand this. You know you’ve got to have some sort of inspiration behind you, whether it's the clothes that they're wearing, whether it's the business that they have, whether it's the portfolio that they have, whether it's the success that they have... that needs to draw you to them. Also, he was willingly able to give me his time and that's something that I always looked up to, besides our role models which I highly respect, our own mum and dad. But they don't know absolutely everything, so their experience in their own field and they know what they know based on what they've been taught and how they grew up.

But you need to seek these other mentors and coaches to be able to broaden and open up the horizons in regards to not just what's possible, but your mind as well. Because there's a lot of limiting beliefs stacked up from your early childhood, you believe in things not because this is your own intuition of it or your own beliefs, but because that's what you've been taught. So I was looking at mentors that can really guide me through the process and really educate me and also give me their time about what they believed in and how they've expanded and grown and progressed through their life, business and career.

These mentors included honourable people in the property sphere. From there he learned to invest in his personal development before anything else.

Books were the first one, I'm not going to lie the problem here is he’s not with us today, may he rest in peace. But I was able from that book to gain so much knowledge and so much power and belief. His words were and I quote, ‘What the mind can conceive and believe, will achieve.’ And that was something that I had to continue to believe in and affirm to myself.

Then you start to open up other books and you start to go into these other events and you start to make some incredible people as I mentioned earlier. One of my biggest mentors, even though I haven't actually sat down with his face to face because he's worth a million dollars a year of coaching, is Mr Tony Robbins himself. However, I've been in his presence multiple times now and let me assure you that you have to put yourself in these situations so that you can grow.

I really can't elaborate more than just purely put yourself in those positions, put yourself in those environments and then asking the question for help. You know there's a lot of people on here that are listening and even myself, was that we were scared, not just because of our ego, because of our own insecurities asking for that word, you know, ‘Help me grow,’ or ‘Help me learn about this,’ or ‘Help me learn about that.’ It's been embedded in us at such a young age. So when you start to really ask the question, ‘Hey I really need help, I really need a team to support me or help me understand this properly,’ that's when you’re going to get these coaches and mentors spending time with you. That's when you get to get these people who are willing to invest the time in you.

Actually I just said the word invest - an investment doesn't just mean property or shares, the biggest investment you can do - and I'm not just quoting this because it's on me and because I've read it a million times, but it's so true in the sense that I've never thought in a million years that I would invest over $60,000 odd in one year just for my personal development and my business coaching. Let me tell you that that investment in me has paid off 10 times more in that one space alone. That's how important investing in you is.

In terms of resources, Dirani recommends many volumes of knowledge that you can apply to your own investment journey.

There's a lot of books that I've been able to read over the past and actually, I found an even better vehicle for me because I found that I was better learning from listening versus reading, I've never been the type to read.

I mean you can't go wrong with Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Another book obviously is Tony Robbins’ The Unshakeable, your financial freedom so to speak. There's many more, like for example The 10X Rule from the likes of Grant Cardone. People like Jim Rohn, The Miracle of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy. Losing My Virginity is a biography of Richard Branson and there's so many messages in there and so much knowledge in there that you can start implementing. One of my favourite actually from Simon Sinek is actually Start With Why and that book was just like a validation of the book Think And Grow Rich. And also defining my why and always been able to leave with that has been enabled me to create the success that I have now and obviously where I'm headed in that I can then project to my clients and their futures and impact them in that way. 

A few other things like Zig Ziglar The Secrets of Closing, Jim Rohn again, Success Equations and Personal Development, The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn. I'll just share a couple of others - The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles, I'm not sure if you've heard of them, The Secret to Success by Eric Thomas, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - these are just some of the amazing books that I've been able to listen to and always go back to and refer to.

The best advice he’s ever received? To believe in yourself.

It's so profound and so simple, but ‘belief in yourself’ and ‘anything is possible.’ That's my message. There are a million other words of wisdom that I've come across, especially over the last six to eight years of diving into personal development. That one is the biggest.

Dirani’s property investment strategy is centred on purchasing in areas with high growth potential, within the earlier stages of development.

Besides saving a lot of money on some government costs and so on and so forth, like your stamp duties and so on, after the build was complete the land because we actually invested in an area with high growth potential and where there's a lot of infrastructure and work and net migration and so on. When investing in these types of areas, you want to invest in the first few stages because yes, even though there's hundreds if not more properties on the market, or going on the market, or going to rebuild, or going to be developed, when you go in the first few stages what happens automatically is when the developer gets to the next stage they increase the land price by a minimum of $5,000-$10,000. So you're organically growing your land valuation by a minimum of $10,000 in the first year. That is one of the strategies that we utilise. 

I've had clients as well as myself who have seen growth of up to about $40,000. And you’re probably thinking, ‘Joe, they're not big numbers to share with these people,’ but I want to remind the listeners that if you're looking at this for short term, I'm definitely not the right person to talk to. You are definitely confusing yourself with an investment strategy of instant gratification vs. long term wealth creation as a safe investment form. Because unfortunately a lot of people looked at Sydney and said that, ‘We bought in 2011,’ and it would have been the best time for them to invest, but they didn't know that they were going to double their property value over those two years. Because if you actually look at it properly travels in different cycles and when you look at 2008 to 2013, there are five years there where the property market was stagnant in Sydney.

In building his portfolio to include two properties in Brisbane, one in Melbourne and another on the outskirts of Melbourne, what locations should property investors be investigating for their next purchase?

Just to explain to the listeners as well, I'm not sure if all your listeners are from Sydney or where they're from, but if you know Sydney well you have a look at Parramatta and all the Hills District. These are the type of areas that we look at investing in because as you can see, you can't build more land in Sydney per se. So what they're doing is they're growing on the outskirts of Parramatta and the satellite cities and the closest to the CBD and whatnot - these are the locations where the growth really happens. I mean if you have a look at the Hills District 4-5 years ago, you can potentially buy two beds, two baths, two cars, or whatever the case may be for under half a million dollars. Now you'd be lucky to purchase anything for $1.2-$1.3 million in the Hills district. If you know your geography and Sydney quite well then a lot of people can relate to the type of opportunities that I always seek to invest in.

And then also because Sydney is such a high price point, I still can't - well when I say can't, I choose not to - invest in Sydney right now because of the cash flow and the holding concept and everything like that. So there are actually opportunities out Newcastle way, where you're still getting a strong rental return but also there is the growth there and the infrastructure there. A little bit to share with you is that there is a methodology that I implement not only for myself but for all my clients when investing, prior to sourcing or recommending a property opportunity. And it's going through a methodology of micro and macro research and also understanding all the terms of leverage and all the other tools that we can use when it comes to leveraging; whether it's the mortgage brokers and the conveyancers and the builders and developers, is it time to invest in a house and land or is it time for an apartment? And these strategies all come into place based on your circumstances. So what works for me might not work for others, because they're in a different predicament or different circumstance. That's how you have to leverage everybody's expertise in the right way.

There are a time and place for each investment, so it could be a townhouse or could be an established property, or it could be home and land, or it could be an apartment. I've been able to successfully invest in over four properties at the moment and seeking to invest in my fifth one in the timeframe of fewer than four years. And basically leveraging the equity and the growth of the properties and whatever surplus cash that my wife and I have had. 

And that's also through the business you mentioned, the cafe business, that it's been able to generate a bit of income to be able to put into your portfolio.

Yes, absolutely. That was initially with the first two and then when I got involved in the property business itself, 15 months later I had sold my cafe and I built my own business called Ample Property Solutions. Nothing against the company that I originally purchased off and also invested through and worked for, I found there was a lot of gaps in the process and the strategy. And that's where I started to think about potentially building my own business and having that as a vehicle for people to utilise and work for and with. So that's why I've been able to do it through the contacts and the resources that I've been able to build over 2.5 years.

A personal habit which Dirani attributes to his success is to constantly remind himself of his true purpose.

What happened was I always wanted to learn more about how to really stay positive, how to stay energetic, enthusiastic, happy and excited and really push my limits and beyond them, so I can achieve more, become more, have more, inspire more and impact more. And this is the key thing: the first thing is I actually recorded what my definition of purpose is. I recorded that with a little bit of background music just to give it some light and it shares obviously my purpose, is to inspire, empower and positively impact millions of people's lives around the globe and around Australia; showing them that anything's possible with the right mindset and principles and philosophies. That obviously goes on to what my legacy is for my family and for my extended family and my immediate family and also for others. How I can guide and educate and help and really give back to communities, charities and organisations and so on. I listen to that every morning without fail and that sets me up for the rest of the day and for the week.

That really puts me in that that energy, or that state I should say, of pure enthusiasm and excitement and growth. It opens the windows of opportunity for me. And I always say these words, ‘It's just the beginning,’ and that's the title of my book because when it's just the beginning - whether you're starting a new job, whether you're starting a new relationship or whether you're starting anything new, you are at your most excited self. You are at your most enthusiastic self. You are at your most energetic self and that enables you to tackle the day with abundance, growth and happiness and life, blossoming and growing through progression. So saying those words and listening to my purpose on a day to day basis religiously is something that I do.

If you’re 6 months, 12 months, 2 years down the track in your journey, how do you continue to be motivated?

Your drive is going to continue to help you to push and grow. There is nothing better than being on purpose and on the path to what it is that you've put on this planet to do. At the end of the day, it’s all about serving people and serving others and how to give back and how to help other people grow. I know this is not for absolutely everybody, I get that. But you’ve got to find out for yourself what it is that you're here to do and why. And once you do that, every day waking up knowingly that this is it, this is what you're supposed to do, then you are going to continue to be motivated and enthusiastic and excited. I mean what's there not to be excited about and motivated about if you're really on par - even through the struggle periods. They are tough at the time but you’ve got to remember that you are where you are today because of the decisions and the choices you made in the past. So if you are able to change the story behind what's happening, you can see that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You can always see that there is growth. You can always see that where you are now is not where you're going to be in ten years’ time. And as long as you have that in the background - and obviously again, surround yourself with the right people that are going to keep continuing to push and to stretch and to really get out of that comfort zone. That is key to continued motivation and enthusiasm.

On considering where he was ten years ago, what would Dirani advise his younger self to do?

Don't worry. Dream bigger now, not later, because at the end of the day that gap like I said, take the risks, take the action, stretch yourself, get out of your comfort zone, do all that now. Otherwise, you're going to miss out those ten years and that gap is far greater than the risk originally, or the opportunity that was there at hand. So if I met myself from ten years ago I would say, ‘Mate, keep smiling, keep going, because you've got a big future ahead of you.’

If you would like to connect with Dirani and learn more from him, you can do so via phone or email.

You can reach personally on my email if you like, [email protected]. Alternatively, they can call me on 1300 590 594 and I'll be more than happy to assist, or one of my colleagues.

Durani and his team at Ample Property Solutions will help you strategise your next investment move, tailored to your circumstances.

We have a holistic approach and an approach that guides, educates and helps coach and mentor our clients in order for them to build a property portfolio safely over time backed by a team of industry-leading experts. We're talking about everything from A to Z when it comes to investing in property, Australia wide. And we understand the markets. Now I'm not saying that we know exactly what the market is doing, but we follow the trends, we follow what the big guys are doing. There's no secret - when there's infrastructure, when there's growth happening, there's no secret. So we got our clients to do so because it's not easy trying to invest on your own, you can make more mistakes.

What we do is mitigate and minimise the fear, number one of investing, but also mitigate the risks that are involved when it comes to investing in property especially when you look at different states from where you currently live and reside. We take our clients through a journey based on these circumstances, what it is that they're trying to achieve to do, what it is that they're trying to build towards and we work off that circumstance. So we personally tailor make a strategy for you, even though the concept is the same. But some clients or some people may only need two investment properties rather than some that need ten. So it is all personalised as well.

This episode was produced by Andrew Faleafaga with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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