Andrew Coronis - Coronis Real Estate To Grow By 365% Before Age 40

As managing director of his family business Coronis Real Estate Group, Andrew Coronis’ fundamentals for purchasing investment properties have provided him with the skills to succeed as a property investor and bring his father’s company to new heights. 

Hear from him how to have faith in your property investments and play the waiting game in the markets, why providing for the mass market will always achieve good results and why purchasing an investment property in the top end market is never a good idea. 

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The GFC Killed My Top End Properties: Andrew Coronis

Making sacrifices at the beginning of his property investing journey, Andrew Coronis of Coronis Group entered into partnerships to reduce his risk within the Queensland real estate market. Now it has paid off, allowing him to expand his business and continue to reset his personal goals once he hit them. 

 Find out how you can reach your goals too by implementing a compounding growth mentality, making the most of joint ventures to generate equity and getting great returns on commercial property investments! 

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The lesson to be learned there is just don't sell. Have faith in the fact that it will go up - if something's at $500 000, it will be worth $1 million at some stage.
- Andrew Coronis

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Coronis is a genuine ‘one’ real estate company: one team; one brand; and one unifying idea. Helping sellers, owners, buyers and tenants turn the properties they love into opportunities for something greater within the Queensland real estate market
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Try not to sell property, try to create property.
- Andrew Coronis

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