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Joey D’Agata on Buying Investment Properties from 19

Joey D’Agata is no stranger to hard work having bought his first investment property just blocks away from his home at the young age of 19. From then, D’Agata has grown his property portfolio immensely, now having four titles to his name despite only being 25. Not only has he worked on his portfolio, but he’s also founded his own brokerage and started a personal training business all while working full time as a project manager at Commonwealth Bank Australia.

Join us in this episode of Property Investory as we delve into Joey D’Agata’s story to find out more about how he manages a busy schedule, what pushed him to get into the property sphere, why he made the jump to purchase out of state and what he’s learnt from his experiences along the way.

If you help plant and nurture the seed, hopefully we can grow a big tree that can provide shade later on in life. - Joey D'Agata

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This episode was produced by Ashlyne Ocampo with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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